Wokaholic India – A great startup serving oriental cuisines at it’s best!

Location & Intro:

Wokaholic is a great concept started by four friends. It is located at Loudon Street Area where previously Yoforia Yoghurt ice cream was located. Head straight from Bell Vue Clinic towards Aqua Java, cross it and on the same foot, you will see Wokaholic.

The concept here is quite distinct and new to the city of joy.They have a simple step by step direction to make your wok box. The menu has been kept as simple as possible. Wokaholic basically focuses on selling good quality oriental food at reasonable prices. Usually when we go to some of the Indo-Chinese Restaurants, we have to order a main dish and gravy (side) dish (it is not really a side dish but a main dish to accompany the other dish. ) which has to be either shared by two or three people (sometimes four ) which includes less of chicken and more of arraroot/corn flour/flour. With Wokaholic, you can make your own Wok Box and add your own ingredients be it egg, chicken, prawn, the list continues (they give good chicken pieces with no additional mixture or coating) and hallelujah!! You can eat alone as well. Being in the posh locality, i personally found the prices to be reasonable as per the standards. If you have noticed above, i have mentioned the title as ‘Wokaholic India’. They soon plan to spread like wildfire in other parts of India as well. Hence, do me a favour – read my blog, comment on it and eat the wok box and their other item’s before it catches inflation. Like, Comment and Subscribe.  The veg wok box is for 199 and the non-veg one is for 239 bucks (exclusive of taxes). The ambiance of the place is modern and chic. The concept is self service and takeaway. It involves a customer to come, make their own wok box, eat fast (jhat-pat) and go. The chair’s have been kept in similar fashion (not way too comfy for you to relax and have a gala time with your chuddy-buddy’s).  It is not like a cafeteria where a customer can spend hell lot of time sitting, thinking and sipping over coffee and gazing at TV.

I was invited here by Karishma Sharma, who is a great friend and a vegetarian food blogger herself to try out varieties they serve. I was quite happy to see that they were serving ‘Chicken Satay’ which is one of my favorites especially when the peanut butter sauce melts in the mouth…  Well.. Lets go ahead..

What we had here:

The service was super fast out here. The cooks were working on the wok and it’s an open kitchen (Cooks and Chef’s can’t say Sir problem in the kitchen so food delayed and give excuses).

Chicken Satay – OH!M!G! As i was thinking about Satay, it just appeared in front of me. I was like Wow! Finally! The satay was beautifully presented with peanut butter sauce in small side bowl. The taste was great. The chicken was perfectly marinated and it was just melting in the mouth. The first bite made me reserve another one piece for myself. Too good.  

Chicken Sui Mai – The chicken dumplings were excellent to taste. The coating was thin and the special wokaholic sauce provided with it made it greasy enough to melt in the mouth. I relished it. 

Basil Chicken Dumplings – I found the coating to be a bit thick. The taste of this one was also great. The Wokaholic team had their own technicalities on to why it is thick but i always prefer my Momo coating to be thin for whatsoever the reason is. Though, it was presented excellently.

Mushroom Babycorn in Asian BarBQ Sauce – The babycorn was fine. It was perfectly sauteed in the Asian BarBQ sauce and was served lip smacking hot.

○ Black Pepper Paneer – This particular vegetarian dish was great to taste. The black pepper sprinkled in quite abundant quantity over soft paneer. It was not excess and was going hand in hand with the paneer. I loved it. 

○ Thai Corn Fritters – They were excellent. The corn fritters had a touch of lemon grass to it and it was full of flavour. Must try for the vegetarians. 

○ Wok Fiery Paneer – I found the black pepper Paneer better than this one. This paneer was diced with wok fiery sauce. Though, both the paneer items were same and equally soft, i prefer the former dish more due to my personal taste preference. 

○ TomYum Chicken – Chicken pieces diced in tom yum sauce. It was great to taste and the chicken pieces were given in good quantity. Nothing to complain about. 

○ Katsu Chicken – It was crunchy and tasted with their special sauce. I loved it. The crust was thin and the chicken was lovely!!

○ Spicy Korean Chicken –  I personally found it greased quite a lot in oil. The boneless chicken pieces were grilled first and then blended with their special oil’s and sauces. The feedback have already been given to the management to reduce the amount of oil in it.

○ Cream Cheese Rangoon – The cream cheese Rangoon was great. Loved the presentation as well as the taste. The cream & cheese was melting in the mouth. 

Wok Box – I made my wok box with chicken, egg, pak choi, carrots, fried onions, fried garlic, white rice, lemon wedges and thai sauce. The guy literally took case of my name. He made ‘Saurabh Rana’ to ‘Sambhu Rana’. I am happy he didn’t mess up my wok box like that. Nevertheless, jokes apart, i loved the wok box concept. However, they should serve customers who are sitting at Wokaholic not in their boxes but in the plates. Boxes can not be reused but they can definitely reuse plates. Hence, save your boxes for takeaways which will help you save some bucks.

Meal for two: 300-600 approx

(Prices are subject to change due to macro economic factors such as inflation, etc.)


○ Great Decor.

○ Good Food.

○ Reasonably Priced.

○ Unique as well as catchy concept.

○ Does outdoor catering as well.

Special Thanks to:

○ Karishma Sharma, for inviting me over and arranging such a great blogger’s meet.

○ The Management of Wokaholic India which includes their chefs and staffs who had worked hard to make our eating experience memorable.

○ Saurabh Dasgupta Da for exchanging my Chicken Wok Box with his Prawn Wok Box during takeaway by mistake. I am really really angry. Haha, Just kidding. 


I had a great time here @ Wokaholic India and will surely visit again when i am in this area (or maybe tell them to pack a wok box for me so that i can #nomnom #omnomnom). I liked the concept of food being ordered for a single person rather than ordering dishes and wasting it. 

I was invited by management of Wokaholic India and the views expressed are solely my own.

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