Why i love mountains so much?

So today’s blog is not going to be about ‘Food’. Today’s blog is more about connecting with yourself and most importantly, what matters in life. I know the name ‘Delish Cherish Relish’ is quite a big one for a website but could not find anything smaller to express my escapades through words. Relish means to enjoy greatly and I am going to just give a small glimpse of what I feel a bit about life through my words and ofcourse mountains.

And also, I strongly feel a blog is not a blog unless it has a personal touch to it. Hope you all relish reading it.

Well, we all human beings are emotional beings and sometimes all of us lose it. It might be a bad break up, a career setback or family issues. (Main reasons are this and multiple other reasons connected to it)

Jim Morrison rightly said it ‘

“Nobody understands you better than yourself, but if someone tries to do it is because he/she loves you.”

However, it’s sometimes difficult for us to understand ourselves and recognise our feelings. That’s where i feel the mountains always come as a savior to me. I really don’t know how different people deal with their feelings but just wanna help as many people as I can through my words because it makes me happy to see people happy.

So whenever you’re sad, depressed, having bad mood or had a bad fight, try heading/traveling to mountains for some lone time. A lot of thoughts run your head on how to balance your life. Most of them are unwanted and still it triggers your head as to how to go about life and you repeat it like a loop as if it’s an EDM song.  A lot of people give suggestions and big big gyaan (teachings) to do this and do that and which in turn, helps in increasing the frustration even more. So, if you can, listen to my small advice, simply head to mountains and just enjoy the ride or sit back and relax. If you cannot, then go to a place where you connect with nature in someway and just sit back and relax. It can be a garden, a lake or even a small pond or a beach.

Mountains have a thing. I will be giving short pointers to elaborate my discussion.

• It makes you look and feel inside.

• As it’s generally associated with nature, you automatically tend to feel a bit better. (sadistic people will again complain that i have been to the mountains and i don’t feel better? Stay for sometime my dears and see the change 🙂 ) .

• Mountains replenishes your energy and builds happiness.

• You realise the value of your life when you see a physical danger while climbing/travelling a mountain by car.

• Mountains helps you find inner peace and teaches you importance of slowing down a bit.

• Fresh air in mountains means less pollution and better intake of oxygen (Common don’t climb too high now come down). Also, pine (most prevalent scents at high altitude) helps in decreasing depression and stress. (Study says)

• You can always have a budget trip. (Did i tell you to stay in luxury hotels? No.)

Note: Keep your mobile phone on silent/airplane mode while enjoying your lone time. 

Most of the times we always blame people for something or the other or for any wrong happening in our lives. However, I always try to understand the situation and see where I went wrong. This habit not only helps me to improve as a person but also inculcate better habits in me.

So yeah, keeping it short and precise, Mountains are my favorite places to go. It helps me connect with myself and the nature as well.

Life is not so stressful. We make it stressful. Life is not so complicated. We make it complicated. Life is much more than it and if we know how to enjoy life, nothing better than that.

To end it on a sweet note, Curtir Divertir.