Vaango – A South Indian Affair! 

Location & Intro:

Vaango is located at 22, Camac Street on the backside of Pantaloons building. It is very easy to locate it. They have also opened a new outlet recently at Kasba.

I had been invited here by Devashis Kuthari who currently operates the Good Vegetarian Food of Calcutta Group on Facebook. As it was more of a celebration on completing 69,000 members, i was invited herein to try the authentic South Indian delicacies. I am not a very big fan of South Indian food but i somehow find it quite light as compared to other cuisines. Sambar, Idli, Vada and Dosa are the usual which can be easily available in street kiosks to the usual South Indian Restaurants. However, here at Vaango, i had quite a unique experience. There were around 15-25 members who had come to dine in and i did not know much people out here. It was a little awkward first but then, we got comfortable over discussing about what we love – Food. I took my seat after staring at the ambiance. They have got wall arts and basic things done. It is just fine. Nothing very fancy though.

What i tried:


○ Butter Milk – The butter milk was quite nice. It was not very thick and not very watery. Just good the way it is. 


○ Rasam – The Rasam was a bit tangy and satiated my palate quite well. 

○ Filter Coffee – The Strong Coffee. Tasted great and loved it. Took two sugar satchet along with it.   

Filter Coffee


○ Papad – The papad was nice. Crispy and yummy.  


○ Spicy Mini Idli – I am not a spice lover but this one was lovely. It was not very spicy and it tasted really good.  

○ Vada – The Vada was served with Sambhar and various types of Chutneys. Liked it.


○ Chocolate Idli – It was not good at all. The idli was quite stiff too. Not recommended. 

Chocolate Idli

○ Kanda Bhajia – The bhajia was fine. Fried item as usual. Would suggest one to go for Idli rather than Bhajia.

Kanda Bhajia

○ Malabar Paratha – It was served with Dahi vada, rice and two types of subzi’s. Totally loved this one. Don’t know whether it’s available on the menu or not. One suggestion would be to make the paratha more crispy and smoky hot. 

Malabar Paratha

○ Mysore Masala Dosa – The Dosa’s are quite huge. I liked this one too. 

○ Dahi vada – The Dahi Vada was excellent out here. The taste was quite balanced here. It had a touch of red chilli powder along with sweet tinge. I took 2-3 Dahi Vada out here. Loved it.  

Dahi Vada

There are a lot of combos and thaali’s available here from one can choose from.

Some of the food items were quite spicy. If you are a spice lover, you will love this place. One issue which i had here was that the same music was continuously being repeated. I have informed the management about it and they took serious notice of it as well. If the music is not great and monotonous, i feel the ambiance is missing out on something. Don’t know whether you all think the same or not.

Special thanks:

Devashis Kuthari to invite me for GVFC meet. I had a good time here. 

Price for two: We had a pre-set menu where all of us paid 150-200/per person. However, usual prices would be 300- 600 for two. (Prices are subject to change due to macroeconomic factors such as inflation, etc.)


○ Good Restaurant

○ Good Service

○ Courteous Staffs

○ Reasonably priced

○ Lot of varieties available

○ Decent seating capacity

○ Pure vegetarian affair


I had a great time here. I might re-visit it with my family.


I was invited by the management of GVFC and the views expressed herein are solely my own. 

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