Unnayan Cabin – Est. 1942

Well, What’s so special about this Cabin? What makes it different from usual cabins? Is it just the old charm or is it something more? Keep Reading.

Unnayan Cabin is situated diagonally opposite to Entally Market. I had been here twice to try out their food. It is a small cozy cabin neatly done up where prices are quite reasonable and one can come here to grab a quick bite. One can locate them by blue and white soft color board saying ‘Unnayan Cabin’ – Delicious Food Suppliers. They even have a parcel counter on the outside where you can order and get your parcel done.

I came here first time as an explorer.

When i had a conversation with the owner, he said that this cabin has been running since 1942 by his dad who later on inherited it from him and trying to operate it. He also went on saying that the place is the garden which he has inherited from his dad and he is just a care taker of the same. The cabin is quite simple. There is simple seating arrangements as well as one can stand and eat.

However, one thing which i really liked about the place is that they are taking care of hygiene and the prices of the items are quite reasonable here. Hygiene is quite important when it comes to happy eating. They do not serve tea nor coffee. Their focus is just food currently.

On my first visit, i had:

Chicken Cutlet – The Chicken cutlet is quite different from the usual cutlets. It has a filling of kacha lonka and shredded small onions along with chicken. I somehow found the preparation to be decent. The food looked neat. It costed me just 50 bucks. The coating could have been a little more thinner but it tasted fine. 

The owner boasts about their White Aloo Dum and Chicken Chaap.

On my Second Visit:

I had this stunning Chicken Chaap (2 PC’s chicken) and Roomali Roti (Took 3 pcs) at Unnayan Cabin. The best part about their Chaap is it is not at all oily and tastes super good. (Esp. gravy). I always wanted to enjoy Chaap barring aside the oil and I’m glad they have at least tried making something similar there. The  mughlai flavours are still there but the oil is not there. It is quite light on stomach too. The chicken is tender.

The Roomali Roti is good too. It is not like those Roomali Roti which takes a toll on us to tear it apart and then again digest it.

Price of Chaap is just INR 60 and Roomali Roti INR 6 per Pc.

The owner is courteous and had a great Adda session with him the second time too. 


As my hunger pang kicked in, i also took some dry chicken kebabs as suggested by him which costed me around 50 bucks. The kebab was tender and not like the usual tandoor kebab but sauted chicken chunks with onions and kacha lonka. The oil could have been reduced a bit but overall, it was good too.

One special thing which i would like to mention here is that i really love the view from here. Enjoying food slowly, seeing these plants (nature lover) and relaxing away from the hurly burly of the city. (total lyadh).

Coming soon for the White Aloo Dum. Bon Appetit!

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