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Tea(Cha/Chai) is something which is consumed by almost everyone in their household. Back in time and even now in some of the houses, it is the usual milk tea or masala chai which helps you to give a initial wake up call (alarm is for the body and tea is for the mind) making you feel a little more energetic. Tea is often also consumed as breaks between work (Adda). Sometimes with a pack of cigarettes (very common here in Kolkata). However, times have changed and there has been quite a lot of R & D in the Tea Industry. It is not just restricted to the usual Kulhar wali chai, liquor chai or cutting chai anymore. There have been various infusions which gave rise to various tea types such as green, oolong, white, black, fermented, etc. (And the list is endless)

I was delighted to have been invited by Shruti Kanoi (Co Owner – The Tea Trove) and Rishav Kanoi (Co Owner – The Tea Trove as well as Tea Taster) to try out The Tea Trove outlet at the 2nd Floor, Acropolis Mall. As always, Shruti have been courteous throughout and jolly enough to explain me the variety of infusions in the Tea for which i shall be grateful to her.

Despite having so many infusions at The Tea Trove, i can assure you that you will be reasonably charged for the products. Along with loose tea (gm basis), they even sell popsicles which ranges from INR 50 – 110 (the nutella one is  INR 110) and Iced Tea which costs just INR 85-100 bucks.


What i had:

I was invited with a couple of bloggers out here. Along with Tea, Shruti was launching the new Charcoal Vanilla popsicle whose pricing was yet to be done. This is what i tried out here:-


Detox Ayurvedic Tea – I started off with the detox tea as suggested by Shruti. It would help me cleanse my palate before i start off tasting the different varieties of Tea.

Sweet Ginger – The Sweet Ginger was quite mild in flavor. The flavour seem fine to me.

Shruti Says: It is a perfect remedy for cough, cold and flu. Also, it helps to reduce blood sugar, cure chronic cough, prevent anemia, treats stomach ulcers, relieves stress and reduce menstrual pain. 

Mango Green Tea – The Mango Green Tea was excellent. The after taste and even the aroma of mango was prevalent. Really enjoyed on this one.

Shruti Says: Mango Green Tea consists of Vitamin A, Vitamin B and Vitamin C. It also helps in controlling cholesterol, high BP and preventing breast cancer. 

Rosehip Hibiscus – It is more like a fascinating red brew cup which has an tangy aftertaste due to hibiscus. I really enjoyed this one too. It was unique and the tangy kick was quite evident. #highlyrecommended

Shruti Says: Rosehip Hibiscus helps in slimming, BP Control, acts as a good antioxidant, reduces depression and anxiety, prevents cold/flu, boosts immune system and prevents bladder infection. 


The best part about the popsicle is that it is all natural and very reasonably priced. I happened to try these two varieties.

Charcoal Vanilla Popsicle (Newly Introduced) – The Charcoal Vanilla popsicle as the name suggest was a balance mix of Charcoal and Vanilla. It had a smoky flavor with slightly grainy texture. It was not overtly sweet and perfectly balanced. I totally loved this new introduction in the popsicle variety.  #highlyrecommended

Shruti Says: Activated Charcoal helps in reducing gas issues and helps in improving digestive health, lowers cholesterol and apparently whitens teeth and helps in skin glow. It also might make the medications ineffective or less effective. So take your pills at least two hours before imbibing activated Charcoal. 

Watermelon Mint Popsicle – The watermelon mint popsicle was quite refreshing. I totally relished it. It is #highlyrecommended especially during summers.

Buy some Tea for yourself: 

They have a website where you can purchase your tea online at very reasonable rates –

In case of any queries regarding Tea or Tea products, you can directly contact Shruti Kanoi here. They have different types of Tea’s for different customers/clients. They also have the usual Masala Tea which you can consume at your household.


I had a great time here with the rest of the bloggers and would really like to thank Shruti and Rishav for the hospitality and also for sharing some great insights about the Tea. Also, from the small kiosk, they are managing currently 60-65 varieties of tea on the shelf and can customise as per customer’s requirement. Hasta La Vista!!

CTC Tea Process (In Gyst):

Plucking of Tea Leaves -> Taking those Tea Leaves to Factory -> Withering to reduce moisture and enhance aroma -> Rolling them through Machine (Cutting) -> Fermentation Process -> Drying -> Grading According to their Standards. 

Disclaimer 1: Prices are subject to change due to macroeconomic factors such as inflation, etc.

Disclaimer 2: Different body compositions might react differently to Tea. It is better that you consult Shruti before picking up the right Tea for yourself. 

Disclaimer 3: I was invited for Tea Tasting by the Management of The Tea Trove. 

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