The Cloud 9

The Cloud 9 – A cafe cum lounge serving sheesha.

Location & Intro:

The Cloud 9 is located in the same building as Aminia, Chinar Park. It is situated on the 3rd floor and the entrance to the place might confuse you a bit. I was invited here by Mr. Aditya Pareek (Manager) to try out the food items here. Although, not very difficult to locate, i have suggested them to add some kind of signal or standee so that one can easily locate the way to their Cafe cum Lounge.

Nonetheless, this lounge is situated on the 3rd floor if you head towards the backside of Aminia. As soon as you enter it, there is good loud music for the people who want to chill over some sheesha. It is dimly lit but i somehow prefer a little more lights and personally feel that the ambiance needs to be improved quite a lot. It is quite spacious when it comes to accommodating people and have a pool table as well as a private room for throwing parties.

What i tried:

I visited here along with other bloggers. Some of the things which i tried are:-


• Mango Mojito – The mango mojito was presented nicely but the tasted fine. However, a little more punch of the mango could have been better.

• Cranberry Blast – The cranberry blast again was presented nicely. It was more on the sweeter side. I expected it to be a little more tangy.

• Brownie all the way – The brownie all the way shake was quite nice and thick to my liking. Though, i am not a chocolate person but this one tasted good.

• Cola Float – I personally would not recommend on this one. It was not to my liking and i feel they could have done much better with this one.

Salad and Starters:

(All of the dishes were well presented)

• Pasta Salad – Penne pasta Salad with cherry on top. I totally fell in “love” with this one and would highly recommend it. It was great to taste and was melting in the mouth. 👌👌

Vegetarian Starters

• Atishi Aloo – The atishi aloo tasted fine to me.

• Hariyali Seekh Kebab – The hariyali seekh kebab was a tad bit spicy. I dont like too much spice in my food but people who love spicy food can go for this one.

• Sesame Potato – I loved on this one. It was presented well and tasted great. 👌

• Crunchy Mushroom – The mushroom tasted good. It was well sauted in the sauce.

Non Vegetarian Starters

• Tangri Kulfi Kebab – Believe me or not. I have never had something like this. The Chicken kebab was tossed with kulfi toppings and in their own special way. I would send my best regards to the chef for making me try on this one. The kebab was succulent/makhmali. Though, i would have prefered the boneless version of the same.

• Chicken Cheese Kebab – The chicken cheese kebabs were presented nicely in the glass structure. Though, the chicken seemed a little stiff to me. It was quite spicy and was served hot. It was more like tikka kebab with cheese.

• Executive Chicken – The executive chicken tasted fine.

• Devil Fish – The fish served here was basa. It was smoky hot, crunchy and tasted good. 👌


• Four Cheese Pasta – They seriously need to work on the pasta. The gravy was way too thick and it didnt taste that great.

• American Mafia Veg Burger – The american mafia veg burger was excellent. It was served quite nicely with onion rings and french fries. The fries and the onion rings were crunchy and the burger tasted great. It was crunchy as well as soft. 👌👌

We took a break of around 15-20 mins before dipping into the main course as we were already quite full! 

Indian Main Course:

• Palak Corn – This was like super super delicious. I would love to recommend on this one. It was love. 👌👌👌

• Chicken Patiala – The chicken patiala was more of small chicken pieces wrapped in omlette and rich indian gravy. The omlette was a bit salty and it just tasted fine. As mentioned earlier, i felt the chicken to be a little stiff.

• Garlic Naan – It was nice and tasted good.

Chinese Main Course:

• Corn Manchurian – It tasted great. 👌

• Curry Leaves Fried Rice – The rice was fine and tasted good. 👌


The icecreams to swore by! 🍰👌👌

• Daal Malai Ice Cream – It was super tasty and melted in the mouth.

• Nolen Gur Ice Cream – The Nolen Gur Ice cream was sheer love. I would highly recommend this one.

Price for two: 350-1000 approximate (Prices are subject to change due to macroeconomic factors such as inflation, etc.)


• Quite spacious and have a large seating capacity.

• Loud music and good sheesha.

• Have a private room for birthday parties and group bookings.

• Have a pool table.

• Serves Indian, Continental and Chinese Cuisine all under one umbrella.

Expert Suggestions:

• Work on the ambiance.

• Maintain the food quality consistency.


To sum it up as a whole, I had a good time here and would highly recommend their palak corn and ice creams. It was quite a delight. The sheesha i had here was also smoky and lasted long.  Also, i would like to thank the management of The Cloud 9 for the hospitality.


I was invited by the management of The Cloud 9 and the views expressed herein are solely my own.

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