The J – First Outlet in Kolkata

The J – Obsessed with French Fries? This is the best place to satiate your obsession.

Location & Intro:

The J had its advent from Mumbai and has been recently brought into Kolkata at 8/1 Loudon Street on 17 February 2018. I was delighted to have been invited here by one of my friend Vishaka who is also a friend of one of the co-owners of this place.

The concept of ‘The J’ is that they have focused especially on preparing varieties of French Fries starting from Chilli Cheese Fries and taking it up to the level of Chicken Pizza Fries and Fish and Chips Fries. Sounds Interesting Eh? I was quite mesmerised by the variety of french fries i saw here and was delighted that something different is soon going to hit out in the city of joy. Inspite of so many varieties, i somehow felt the inclusion of exclusive Peri Peri Spicy Fries into The J’s Menu. This is the first and only outlet to my knowledge in Kolkata which serves so many kinds of Fries. However, it does not end here. ‘The J’ also has a large variety of milk shakes to offer as well as Ice Tea and Orange Tang.

The process from peeling the potato to deep frying is all automated to a large extent.

One of the things to notice is that the prices are also inclusive of GST. The Fries and the Milkshakes are starting from INR 110.

If you want to customise your fries as per your requirement, you can pick your base of fries, add the add ons and choose the sauces as well.

The concept of the Fries mentioned in the menu is topping and mixing. Topping comprises of just adding the sauces from the top and mixing comprises of blending all the fries properly with the sauces and then serving. Ask them which one is topping and mixing before you get your fries prepared.


What i ordered:

Chilli Cheese Fries – The chilli cheese fries were really good. The fries were piping hot and tasted great with the sauces. A vegetarian can surely try on this one. #topping

J in the Jungle – The J in the jungle was a mix of sauces with shredded chicken. The portion of shredded chicken added to it was quite sufficient in quantity. I really enjoyed this one too. #mixing

Oreo Milk Shake – The Oreo Milkshake came with Oreo Biscuit on top. The MilkShake was really thick and tasted great.

Caramel Parle G Milk Shake – I somehow found it to be quite subtle and it should have had more caramel into it.

Ice Tea – The ice tea was the usual lipton ice tea. It tasted fine.


• New concept in Kolkata.

• Has a separate veg and non veg fries making section.

• Reasonably priced as prices are inclusive of GST.

• Prime Location.

Price for two: 250-500 (Prices are subject to change due to macroeconomic factors such as inflation, etc.)


I was quite surprised to see the R & D done on French Fries. They definitely have taken fries to the next level. The is the first outlet of The J in Kolkata and if you love french fries, you surely won’t want to miss out this place. Also if you’re willing to do a take away of Fries, they have cute mini takeaway boxes.

Disclaimer: I was invited by the management of ‘The J’ and the views expressed herein are solely my own.