The Hush Affair!

Enjoy some lip smacking snacks and sheesha! 

Location & Intro:

The Hush Affair is located in Survey Park Area. To be more precise, this is the exact address Shop F 11, Calcutta Greens Commercial Complex, Ajoy Nagar, Kolkata.

It is a cafe which serves lipsmacking food and sheesha at affordable prices in the Ajoy Nagar Area. Not just that, they have some good offers going on too for the World Cup. I was surprised by their amazing Sheesha and the variety of snacks they offer at reasonable prices.

What i tried:

I tried a lot of things out here.

First of all, let me start with the double apple watermelon Sheesha. I haven’t had such amazing fruit sheesha ever. This was perhaps the best fruit sheesha ever. I am not an avid double apple lover but the way it was going with the watermelon juice, it’s worth a mention.

• Cream of Mushroom soup – The mushrooms were cut and blended together in a cream and butter soup with rosemary,celery, garlic. It was served with set of two breads. Liked on this one.

• Mango Vanilla Smoothie – The smoothie was really good and refreshing. It was made with mango pulp and blended with vanilla ice cream. Well presented as well.

• Cranberry and Raspberry special mocktail – The mocktail was nice to taste and prepared well. It was refreshing as well.

• The Hush Affair Special Mocktail with Redbull – I really enjoyed this mocktail. The Redbull was inverted and added to the special concocted mocktail and as you pick it up little bit, it will refill your glass. Happy drinking. (Not literally i mean.)

• Chicken Caesar Salad – It was a mix of bread crouton, grill chicken and vegetables tossed in extra virgin olive oil. I really enjoyed this salad and would surely recommend on this one.

• Panko Fry Bengal Bhetki Fish and Chips – The fish was served with herbs on top, fries and peas. I really enjoyed this particular dish like anything. Usually, the fish and chips has a coating on the outside which is thick and quite a bit crunchy making it difficult to break. Surprisingly, this one was coated perfectly and it was really soft to break. It’s a must try out here.

• Grilled Chicken Sizzler – Chicken Steak on top with herb rice and sauteed vegetables. I really relished on this one. Plus, it was smoky hot. Highly recommended.

• Chicken Burger – The burger was just fine. However, i expected the bread to be a little bit crunchy. The patty was also decent to taste. Nonetheless, i strongly feel that they can improvise the taste of the burger quite munch by adding a lot of caramelised onions, making the bun crunchy etc. etc.

• Pasta in White Sauce – The pasta was exceptionally good. However, would suggest them not to add chocolate sauce on the side for presentation purposes. Instead, play something with italian instead.

• Nachos baked and layered with salsa sauce, mayonnaise and olives – Nachos has never been my favorite. Nonetheless, it was crunchy and tasted fine.

• Pesto Chicken Skewers – The pesto skewers were cooked in pesto sauce and garnished with bell pepper. I liked on this one. However, i somehow found the chicken to be a little bit stiff and informed the management to take corrective action regarding the same.

• Walnut Brownie with Ice Cream served with Chocolate Sauce – The Brownie was a bit stiff to put a spoon through. Nonetheless, once one it’s in the mouth it is easier. I felt that the brownie should not be stiff. Also, the vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce made up for it.

Special thanks:

• Kaushik Shaw for inviting me over.

• Apsara Guha for extending the hospitality.

Price for two: 200-500 approximate (Prices are subject to change due to macroeconomic factors such as inflation, etc.)

Expert Suggestions

• Work on your ambiance.

• Work on your dessert items and keep coming up with combo offers to survive.


• Small and cosy cafe.

• Reasonably priced.

• Hot food and speedy service.

• Hospitable owners.


I had a good time at The Hush Affair. I might come here once more to enjoy the combo offers. Bon Appetit!


I was invited by the management of The Hush Affair and the views expressed herein are solely my own. 

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