The Fan’s Club – Serving distinct vegetarian dishes. 

Location & Intro:

The Fan’s Club is located at 10, Wood Street. To be more precise, it is located opposite to Pizza Hut, Camac Street, 1st Floor.


First of all, i would like to thank Payel Rakshit for inviting me over for the blogger’s meet at The Fan’s Club. As soon as i heard this place is a pure vegetarian, i was a little unwilling as there are lot of new vegetarian restaurants opening offering the same type of items. However, the experience which i had here did make me feel like this place is actually insane and made me fall in love with their food offerings. As soon as you enter this place, the waterfall (color keeps changing) catches your attention. The ambiance of this place is designed beautifully and is mesmerizing treat to the eyes. The music of this place is really good and does give you a little party feel. The place is subdivided into many sections i.e. one for the couple’s candle light dinner, one for group parties, one as a usual cafe seating area, one is an upside down concept (mirror concept) which is beautifully curated and more. One need not worry regarding space here. Photo’s of prominent personalities such as Einstein, APJ Abdul Kalam, Bruce Lee etc.  take up their Wall of Fame board.  There is a ‘multicolored offer wheel’ which can be spun and one can win different combo offers and more. The staffs and the management is quite courteous towards their customer’s and is really a great place specially for the ‘VEGETARIANS’ as it does offer you some lipsmacking food with a distinct touch to it. I have had vegetarian food at many places albeit this place definitely took it to the next level. We were a group of 6-10 people and a special exclusive menu was curated for us. The best part was the out of menu offerings that had included some relishing desserts which came as an unexpected surprise. I also liked the door handle which had a lion symbol which was looking really beautiful.

Food we had:


• Hot Apple Tea – Wait! wait! wait! what did we just hear? I mean this tea was soothing to the palate as well as the smell was tantalizing. It was served absolutely hot to us and all of us enjoyed it with great delight. Had a touch of Cinnamon and Lemon to it. 

• TFC Special Chia Seed Mocktail- Beautiful to adore as well as to taste. The glasses were tall and was excellent to taste. No artificial flavours were added (as informed by the management). It had a touch of strawberry to it.   
• Thick Black Forest Shake – As the name suggests, it was full of chocolate. It was topped with whipped cream and was thick to my liking. The quantity was good enough. – 

• TFC Special Health Mocktail – It was more like kala khatta. They say it’s a detoxifier. One can try it. In my personal opinion, i liked the three mentioned above more than this one.


• Broccoli & Cheese Momo – I have had many kinds of momo but not this. At first i thought, broccoli and cheese? I mean, does it really go in hand? My mind said. However, my mind surrendered when i took the first momo bite with their special sauce. The management informed me that the sauce was a mixture of burnt toamato, salt and their special sauce. It just melted in the mouth. The sauce was also one of it’s kind and not like the usual momo sauce. It did not even make me feel like i am having that sour broccoli taste. The cheese was added generously to it which was definitely icing on the cake. The outer dough of momo was perfect. It was not hard to chew or too thick. 

• Home made mini nachos – The nachos were presented well and were served with salsa dip and usual sour cream. It tasted fine. I am not a nacho’s lover but it acted as a quick snacky for me.

• TFC Special Mocha Kebab – Now this is something different which Vegetarians can try. It tasted good and was mild to my liking. It was served with tamarind, mustard and green chutney. 


Main Course:

• Veg Bolognese Spaghetti – The spaghetti was great. It was perfectly greased. It had that tinge of garlic which hits your nose as well as the palate at the same time. Rightly, added. #musttry 

• Stuffed Pomodro – Tomato stuffed with veges and cheese contributes to the fancy name pomodro here. It looked great and was presented well. However, the taste was a little bland due to salt.

• Lasooni Tikka Sizzler – The Lasooni Tikka Sizzler was nice. It was Rice, Paneer, Onion Rings and little assorted veges. It was served smoky hot as the sizzler usually is and all the items tasted fine too.  


• Blueberry Cheese Cake – It was fresh. It was cheesy. It was blueberry. It was melting in the mouth. Need i say more? As informed by the management, this will be served fresh to the customer’s in the total same way as it was served to us during our blogger’s meet. 

• TFC Special Surprise Cake – We expected one, they provided us two.

♠ Mango Cake – The mango cake was also a lovely work of their chef. I enjoyed every bite i took.  

♠ Strawberry Chocolate (Fan’s Club Special) Cake – This was super delicious. The strawberry and chocolate and the blend was going perfectly hand in hand.  


• Amazing ambiance.

• Serving great vegetarian food. The different types of vegetarian food which i had here was fantabulous be it the quality, taste or presentation.

• Managerial team of TFC is courteous and extended great hospitality towards our stellar experience. (Special Mention: Koushik)

• Very spacious.

• Has a wide variety to offer. The vegetarian’s need not worry about ‘less varieties’.

Expert Suggestions:

• Advertise! Advertise! Advertise! This place can really go up. I had a great experience here

Special Thanks:

• Payel Rakshit (who operates Dine-Dazzle-Dive) for inviting me to the Bloggers meet.

• Varun Bahirwani for hosting me. He is the interior designer and co founder of this place.

• Kaushik Shaw for special mocktails and cakes. We enjoyed every bit of it.

Meal for two: 500-1000 approximate


I had a lovely experience here and i am surely coming back to taste and try more varieties. My vegetarian friends should not give this place a miss at any chance. Special thanks to the Team TFC for extending their warm hospitality towards all of us. We had a great time. 

Disclaimer: The opinions stated here are solely my own and I was invited to the blogger’s meet by Payel Rakshit who is a food blogger as well as a dear friend of mine.


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