Tea Trove – South City Kiosk!

The Tea Trove – My day starts with tea and ends with tea.  

Location & Intro:

This outlet of The Tea Trove is located in the basement of south city mall inside Spencers.

The Tea Trove started with cafes and now shifted to kiosks inside malls. Tea trove after moving from cafe concept came up with idea of popsicles, shakes and ice teas. There are a lot of separate Tea and even Kettles for sale about which not much people are aware about. The main thing which i really appreciate is that they keep trying different things all the time. It was evening time when i decided to visit them with around 7-10 bloggers here. We were served a lot of stuffs (Varieties of Popsicles, Ice Teas and Shakes) which also included sharing a bit of insight of Tea. One can visit this website and even order their products online:

What we tried:

We were made to try The Tea Trove items till the brim. Thanks to Shruti Kanoi, Owner. She is a very courteous as well as a sweet person and i am thankful to her for sharing certain insights of tea with benefits of each tea’s and even helping us with our sampling. I really liked their bottles in which they serve. It kinda looks cute. Nevertheless, coming to what we tried:-

Ice Tea’s (Mild to Strong)

○ Citrus Lavender – It was quite mild too. It had that lavender essence. Liked this one as well. 

○ Tropical Delight – It was mild and again subtle to taste.

○ Sweet Ginger – It had just a tinge of Ginger. A mild flavour and a must try for people who love ginger.

○ Tulsi Lemon Blast – This was really good. It was a concoction of Tulsi and Lemon still kept quite mild. The flavour was good. 

○ Moroccan Mint – The Morrocan Mint was strong due to addition of peppermint rather than spearmint which was due to higher menthol content. If you want strong mint flavour, you must not look anywhere but simply abide by this one. 

○ Chocolate Shire – The chocolate shire is a drink meant for all. It is not just restricted to chocolate lovers. Me despite not being a chocolate lover, loved this drink. A must try.

○ Wild Jasmin – Wild Jasmin is one of my favorite flavours here when it comes to Ice Tea. I tried it twice and loved it both time. It is really amazing. I would highly recommend on this one. 

Ice Tea
Ice Tea
Ice Tea
Ice Tea
Ice Tea
Ice Tea
Ice Tea
Ice Tea
Ice Tea
Ice Tea


○ Paan – The paan was excellent. I will surely recommend this one. 

○ Oreo – I am not much of an oreo person but if you like oreo, you can go for this. I found it good.

○ Tiramisu – I love Tiramisu! However, i think they can still work on this drink and improve its flavour to satiate the palate. It was good but it can surely be improved.

○ Mango Matcha – The delicious mango flavour contributes to this shakes. 

Mango Matcha


Mango Matcha


○ Chocolate Praline – It was good. It is not just meant for chocolate lovers. It has a subtle flavour which even i enjoyed.

○ Triple Berry – This is my favorite here. Mixture of three berries makes this a crazy combination. It is highly recommended. 

○ Blueberry Cheese Cake – I am not a cheese cake fan. It was fine to taste.

○ Nutella Kitkat – Nutella and Kitkat lovers! Barge in it!

○ Mango Matcha – Similar variant of the mango matcha shake is available in popsicle too. Liked it. 

○ Ramladdu Churan – It was more like a churan detoxifier. After trying so many items, we all surely needed to detoxify otherwise we all would be… you know..  

Mango Matcha


Special thanks:

○ Shruti and Rishabh (Owners, The Tea Trove) for extending your hospitality towards us. We really enjoyed your company. Also, thank you for giving me the crackers and Rose Oolong Tea to try on.

Price for two: 150-300 approximate (Prices are subject to change due to macroeconomic factors such as inflation, etc.)


○ Great hospitality. 

○ Reasonably priced.

○ Quality is maintained. 

○ A large number of variety to choose from.


I really had a good time here. I hope that they keep infusing and coming up with more varieties. I am a kind of person who likes trying different varieties. One can even try out their varieties of hot tea’s or pack it home or order it online such as white tea, rose delight, apple pie, chamomile and more where each tea provides certain health benefits. I am quite glad that they have taken the usual tea concept to a different level altogether. Wish them good luck for the future! 


I was invited by the management of The Tea Trove and the views expressed herein are solely my own. 

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