Sip & Sandwich

Sip & Sandwich (As the name says) – A great food kiosk to sip some cooler and munch some wrap & sandwich. Location & Intro: I  had recently been here with my friend J to try out the Sandwiches here. We were walking past Theatre A.C. Market when J suddenly started having hunger pangs. As […]

Mr. Wrappee

Mr. Wrappee – Pure Veg Cafe serving lipsmacking wraps and ice creams. Location & Intro: It is located right near Hooked up Cafe at Ray Street.   At first when you look at Mr. Wrappee, it seems like a small place. But once you enter, you see a door on the left which leads you […]


Bohemian – Must say a ‘totally’ unconventional restaurant. A bong fusion food  Location & Intro: I was going from Fish Fish to Chowman (ballygunge) and i kept going straight (Crossed a crossing) until i saw bohemian on the right. Not very difficult to locate at all. Bohemian is Chef Joy Banerjee’s curation. I was invited […]


Nawwarah – Morrocan Theme Veg Restaurant Cum Lounge in the City of Joy.  Location & Intro: Nawwarah is Kunal Gupta’s Masterpiece. It is a two floor building which has got a restaurant on the ground floor, buffet/party area on the 1st (which includes serving buffet) and lounge on the second floor. It is not at all […]

Woodstock 1969

Woodstock 1969 – Café concept with a twist in food. #love #peace #music #food  Intro & Location: Woodstock 1969 is located in the Greek Church Row. It is named after the famous Woodstock music festival of 1969. It is a very small place with just four tables which was established inside a Garage. Once, you […]