What all you need to know when you buy Tea

Introduction: Tea(Cha/Chai) is something which is consumed by almost everyone in their household. Back in time and even now in some of the houses, it is the usual milk tea or masala chai which helps you to give a initial wake up call (alarm is for the body and tea is for the mind) making […]

Mr. Wrappee

Mr. Wrappee – Pure Veg Cafe serving lipsmacking wraps and ice creams. Location & Intro: It is located right near Hooked up Cafe at Ray Street.   At first when you look at Mr. Wrappee, it seems like a small place. But once you enter, you see a door on the left which leads you […]


Mamamia – Ice Cream Tasting! Intro: I had reviewed Mamamia New Alipore before. Today in the afternoon, out of nowhere, an unexpected surprise came. I just got a call saying ‘ i am from mamamia and i have come to deliver you something’. I was quite surprised that suddenly how come? Later on that guy […]


Rollick Ice Cream – An old name when it comes to making ice creams. Location & Introduction: When i discuss about Rollicks, it is one of the oldest ice cream company which was charming the city of joy with it’s beautiful lip smacking ice creams specially the cup ones(plain white and two in one) which […]