Tak Heng!

Tak Heng! – Neat place with lip smacking oriental food  Intro & Location: Tak Heng was visited during the closure time when four of my friends. This place has got minimalistic decor and is not very big in size. However, they are building up a large area as a party space. The place has got few […]


Red Hot Chilli Pepper, Ballygunge – Completes it’s 17 years in the city of joy.  Intro & Location: Seventeen years in Kolkata in Hospitality industry is indeed a long time. Yes, that’s what Red Hot Chilli Pepper’s Ballygunge have attained by persistent effort and continuous endeavor to satiate the taste buds of the patrons of Kolkata. […]

Tai Chien

Tai Chien Village – Dynamite in one word.  Intro & Location: Tai Chien Village is amidst the interiors of lake gardens. Few of my friend’s reside in this area and i had been crossing this place while on my way home quite frequently. I finally decided to visit this place with mom after we were returning back […]