Sugar & Spice – Dakshinapan!

Sugar & Spice – Pocket Friendly and Taste Friendly! 😀 😎

Location & Intro:

To my opinion, food blogging is not just limited to fancy dine in and posh restaurants. This particular place is not listed on Zomato. However, i had to mention it in my blog as this place did made my experience memorable.

Source: Google Maps (Location might be subject to change) 😂

I had visited this eatery on my first visit to Dakshinapan with mom. This particular eatery is more of a street side kiosk and attracts a large number of customers who are into shopping and more. The tables are nice and the place is calm. You can sit, relax and chit chat for hours.

See how relaxing this place is that the guy has just slept here 😂😂😂😂

Peace, Calm and Serene

No comments 😂

What i tried:


Chicken Roll – As i took the first bite of roll, it felt that the roll had been made with love and care. I told the person taking my order that to add less of oil and no chillies and voila! he did the same. It was not very oily and the roti was a bit flaky and sweet. The way i like it. The roll was for just INR 40. #nomnom 🍗

• My mom ordered for Masala Dosa and i took bites from it. The dosa, Chutney and the sambar was good enough. It was just for INR 50 .

sorry for the not so fancy picture i ate it a bit. 😂

Egg Chowmien – I liked the egg chowmien here. The fat noodles dipped in oil with egg on top was a delight. I loved on this one. Just INR 60 . #slurp 🍝

Coffee – My mom took tea but i took coffee. The coffee here costed INR 25 and tea was for INR 15. #sip

My stomach was full and the food was really good here. (Total bill came to INR 190.) Though, pardon the spelling mistakes which they make in their menu as it’s a small street side kiosk and who cares so much when the food is great and pocket friendly? The person who was serving me was also very courteous and took my order with care.

Price for two: 170-270 (Prices are subject to change due to macroeconomic factors such as inflation, etc.)


• Peaceful and calm place.

• Super amazing place if you are tight on pocket and want to spend long hour chit chatting.

• Spacious

• Food is made with care.


I had a great time here.  It gave me an old nostalgia while i took my bite of Egg noodles. Bon Appetit!!

Disclaimer: Unbiased review based on my visiting experience.