Sound of Groovz Cafe

Sound of Groovz Cafe – Enjoy Karaoke, Sheesha and more. 

Location & Intro:

Sound of Groovz Cafe is located at 9, Chakraberia Road, Kolkata. To be more precise, head to the lane just beside My Big Fat Belly. From the crossing, take the first left and on the right side, you will see. It’s just two mins walk from My Big Fat Belly. If you are coming by car or motor vehicle, don’t get inside the lane as it’s ‘one way’ and blame me for getting a fine.  I hold ‘no responsibility’ for that. In case you can’t enter from ‘my Big Fat belly’ take a left from the next crossing and then again the first left and keep going straight till you see the place in the right side.

Sound of Groovz Cafe is quite a new entrant to the city of joy. The decor of the cafe is of music. Be it the guitars, drums or the bob marley’s tabla, you see it all here. Just right next to the cafe, there is a section where musical classes are conducted and each room is allotted for each musical instrument. The Cafe is divided into two sections. One section is the outer seating area where the guests can enjoy and relax over Coffee or Sheesha. The inner section is the private section which has got Karaoke too. Inside the private section itself, there is a small cozy section having a capacity for around 4-7 people which is mainly meant for couples.

What i tried:


○ Cappuccino Coffee – The coffee was really good and strong. Loved it. 

○ Granitas- It was really refreshing and presented nicely. Presented nicely in bulb type glasses. For the summers, it’s surely going to be a hit. #recommended 

○ Virgin Mojito – It was refreshing. However, i think it could have been much better.

○ Red velvet Shake- This again was a really well presented beverage. I liked it. It was very different from usual. 

○ Oreo Shake – The Oreo shake was fine. Tasted good. However, i am not a oreo person. If you are, feel free to go by this. 


○ Nachos – The Nachos were lovely. Though, i am not a Nachos fan but this one. Yes, this one is worth it. 

○ Greek Salad – The Vegetarian Salad was excellent as well. Really liked it. 

○ Lebanese Wrap – I somehow did not find the stuffing inside the Wrap too great.

○ Burritos- The Burritos seemed fine to me. However, they could have made it better.

○ Quesadillas – They seemed find to taste.

○ Crispy Potato Sticks topped with Sesame Seed – I loved on this one. It was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The marination of it was really good as well. 

Main Course:

○ Alfredo Penne Pasta – I am a penne person. Yes, i love penne pasta other than other varieties of pasta. The white sauce blended with oregano on top of the penne pasta is bliss. The first bite i took of it made me fall in love with it all at once. Tasty and piping hot. 

○ Pesto Spaghetti – I somehow don’t enjoy the pesto that much. Albeit, this one tasted fine too.

○ Baked Lasagna – I have a thing for baked dishes. The cheese on top manifests the eyes and does wonders to the palate. Totally loved it. The presentation was nice too. In other places, the lasagna is too much to be eaten. Here, i think, the quantity fits seem right. 


○ Special Sound of Groovz Mix Sheesha – The sheesha was just fine. It could have been better though.

Special thanks:

○ Ritika and Udit (Culinary Calcutta) for inviting for the bloggers meet. It was fun.

○ Jyoti Bansal and Team of Sound of Groovz to extend hospitality and aid us with the concept.

Price for two: 350-700 approximate. (Prices are subject to change due to macroeconomic factors such as inflation, etc.)


○ If you are a music lover, you should visit this cafe.

○ Pure Vegetarian affair.

○ Pocket Friendly.

○ Serves Sheesha.

○ The Staffs are courteous.

Expert Suggestions:

○ Work on the ambiance and seating arrangement a bit.


I had a good time here. I hope to come soon again and do Karaoke and enjoy the vibe and feel of the party section. 


I was invited by the management of Sound of Groovz Cafe and the views expressed herein are solely my own. 

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