SOI – Asia Kitchen

SOI – Asia Kitchen – Serving great chinese food.

Location & Intro:

It is located inside famous Indian Restaurant Zarang. To be more precise, it is very near to Indian Museum. I had got a chance to visit this as it was Youtube Creator’s day event and one of my friend who is a prominent magician Debjit invited me here. This place serves chinese food and it’s wok is easily seen. As i had gone in the event, i cannot much comment about the pocket pinch. It was all on the house for us.

SOI – Asia Kitchen was decorated quite fantastically when we went there. We were served lot many things out here which were enough to tantalize our senses.

What we had:


  • Virgin Mojito – It was usual and tasted nice. It’s one of my signature drinks.
  • Litchi Delight – They had mixed litchi with few other mocktails and prepared an additional mocktail. It was really superb and i took many offerings for the same. I loved it.   


  • Spring Onion Tofu – It was served smoky hot and darn!! It was crispy outside and soft inside. Loved it. 
  • Fish in Chilli Sauce – I liked the preparation of this one. However, the fish had a smell which was a turn off. 
  • Chicken Satay with Peanut Butter Sauce – This dish has become one of my favorite and would recommend all of you to try it. It was tender inside and melting hot outside. 
  • Potato Sticks – It was crispy potato sticks in sweet chilli sauce. It was crunchy and tasted great. 


  • Darsaan with Ice Cream – We ended our meal with darsaan. It was tasting really nice with vanilla and i relished it. 


  • Great ambiance.
  • Good food quality.
  • Staff hospitality was good.
  • Service was fast.
  • Bar available for people who drink.


  • The girl who was managing or taking reservations for SOI was outright rude and acting weird. Such behaviour towards customers is intolerable. We are therefore, you are. Always remember that.


It was a great experience here. If the place maintains consistency, they will prosper. Being a part of event specially youtube creator’s day was a delight and I enjoyed the dishes which I ate here.

Disclaimer: i was invited here by Debjit who is a youtuber, magician and a friend of mine.

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