Sip & Sandwich

Sip & Sandwich (As the name says) – A great food kiosk to sip some cooler and munch some wrap & sandwich.

Location & Intro:

I  had recently been here with my friend J to try out the Sandwiches here. We were walking past Theatre A.C. Market when J suddenly started having hunger pangs. As there were two shops outside the market, we were still thinking where to go – Gupta Brothers or Sip and Sandwich. We settled for Sip and Sandwich. I had been here before as well to try out food with my mom. It is just located outside Theatre A.C. Market.

Sip & Sandwich is a vegetarian joint which usually caters to the Marwari and Gujarati Crowd (Meant for everyone who enjoys Vegetarian Food actually). However, the sad part is that there is no such seating arrangement as it’s a food kiosk which they have started and one can only stand and eat or do a takeaway. Nonetheless, after gazing at the menu for sometime and having a brainstorming discussion on what to eat and what not to, we finally settled for.

What we tried:


Veg Cheese Sandwich – We went for the normal one. We did not try the classic version. It tasted good, was freshly grilled and was served to us with some plain chips on the side.

Paneer Tikka Wrap – The wrap was killer. It was mouth melting and was having burst of flavours. Would prefer this one over sandwich. #highlyrecommended

Green Apple Cooler – The cooler seemed fine to me. It was a blend of syrup and ice.

Price for two: 200-300 approximate (Prices are subject to change due to macroeconomic factors such as inflation, etc


• Vegetarian food.

• Quick service.

• Reasonably priced.

• Hygiene is maintained.


• Lack of seating arrangement.


It is not a proper fine dine. It is not a proper cafe. It is just a small food kiosk which serves hygienic food with love. If you wanna have something hygienic and don’t mind spending some bucks rather than eating on roadside, go for this one. After all, health is wealth. <3


Unbiased review based on my eating experience here.