Serafina – Sunday Brunch and Tiramisu Story

Serafina –  The signature tiramisu story and the big apple brunch! 

Location & Intro:

Serafina is located inside Quest Mall, Kolkata on the top floor where Smoke House Delhi, Irish House and Bombay Brasserie are situated. I along with group of other bloggers were invited here by Atreya Paul to come and try out their Sunday Brunch. It is priced at 999 plus taxes and happens only on Sunday from 11 A.M. to 4 P.M. One can take a complimentary glass of Wine/Breezer/Beer/Sangria/Mocktail/Aerated Beverage from the menu.

As i entered Serafina, i was quite happy with the behaviour of the staffs as all of them were courteous. Not too much. Not too less. The ambiance of the place is really nice. There is a scooter outside which reminded me of my time when i used to try Bajaj scooter of my bade papa (Father’s elder brother) and used to do wheelie stunts. i did mess it up sometimes too. Moving forward, we were served White Wine to start with. It lifted up my mood instantly. We tried their brunch menu in the same way as the normal customer is entitled to.

Apple Brunch Menu
Dine In

What i tried:

Four appetizers were served on our table. It included Bruschetta, Veg Crostini, Calamari and Arrabiata Spiced Chicken. Bruschetta was toasted in woodstone oven and topped up with tomatoes, basil and flavoured garlic. It was crunchy and tasted good. Veg Crostini was also toasted in a similar way with cheese and toppings. It was fine. I skipped the calamari and jumped straight to Arrabiata Spiced chicken. It was excellent. The chicken was tossed with Arrabiata spices and it was not very spicy but tasty, crunchy and tender as well. Loved it. 

Arrabiatta Spiced chicken

My own customised Salad: The Salad guy is very slow i must say. We had to stand in literally a big cue to wait for the salad. I made my own salad with roast chicken, chicken sausages, eggs, ice berg lettuce, corn, bell pepper, mayo and lemon and mint sauce. I loved my salad. Though it was slow, it was worth the wait. 


Omlette: After my hunger cravings got down a bit after eating the Salad, i simultaneously ordered for a omlette with roast chicken and veges. It was good to taste as well. I took some breads from the bread basket as well. Makhan laga ke khaa liya. (Added some butter and ate) 


Soup: Cream of Chicken: There was carrot and ginger soup for the vegetarians. I like chicken soup more so went on trying that. It was good but there was no chicken pieces in it. At other restaurants where i tried this, they add it. I prefer the one with some pieces at least. However, the soup was aromatic and it tasted fine but they have mentioned in the menu that their soup has got chunks of chicken. This is strange and not accepted. 

Cream of chicken soup

Main Course:
Non Veg Pizza – The pizza was with chicken and few other toppings. It tasted fine but indeed not the best in Kolkata.

Veg Pizza – The veg pizza was equally good. I liked it too.


Spaghetti in Pesto – I tried the one with chicken and mushroom. It was good to taste and creamy and chicken pieces were added generously.  


Penne White Sauce Pasta (Chicken)– It was very creamy and tasted excellent. It had chicken chunks in it and tasted really good. Must try.  


Risotto Primavera – Risotto cooked with assorted vegetables in tomato sauce. This was it. Tasted good. 


Fussilli Pasta topped with Parmesan Cheese – It was for the vegetarians and i had eaten a lot so skipped on it. The vegetarian friends of mine seemed to have nejoyed it.


Some champagne and white wine after that again. This was going good. 


Pollo Grigliato – It is roasted chicken with herb tossed vegetables and creamy mashed potatoes. Tasted excellent. I love the chicken and the mash potato combination. The chicken was tender as well. 

Roasted Chicken

Chicken Slider Burger – It was grilled chicken inside, swiss yum, caramelized onion and was served with french fries. It tasted super good. A good burger after long. Must try.  

Chicken Sliders

Lemon Grass Cream Brulee – Dip the spoon deep into it and you could get flavour of lemon grass. I loved this one and is surely a must try here.

Lemon Grass Brulee

Bread Butter Pudding – It just tasted okay. Did not really great.

Bread Pudding

Tiramisu – So.. finally… the Tiramisu, the long waited due. I had been hearing a lot about Serafina’s Tiramisu and believe me or not, this is the BEST i have had TILL DATE. It is going in my personal favorites list now. The Presentation, The Taste, The Quality. Everything was just impeccable. I literally was waiting for it and when it just stood in front of me, i was in awe. Tiramisu here is love, tiramisu is great, tiramisu is …… beyond words..  


Special thanks:

○ Atreya Paul to invite me over. Thank you Abhishek (First Idea PR Representative) to host and organize the meet.

○ Serafina Management and the Staffs who extended their hospitality.

Price for two: 2000 approximate (Prices are subject to change due to macroeconomic factors such as inflation, etc.)


○ Excellent Ambiance.

○ Classy Restaurant and excellent service.

○ Good Food Quality and Taste.

○ More of a Brand.


I really had a good time here. I hope to visit it soon again. A great place and a great experience here.


I was invited by the management of Serafina and the views expressed herein are solely my own. 

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