Saptapadi Restaurant

Saptapadi Restaurant – Bengali Fusion at it’s best.

Intro & Location:

Zomato in association with Calcutta Foodies Club had organised a meet here for the people who share the love of food. It had few items from the upcoming Hilsa Festival for tasting. A seperate bengali cuisine menu was made for us to try out the delicacies of Saptapadi. The owner of this place is Mr. Ranjan Biswas who was quite courteous and is a chef himself. He likes to experiment and fuse food dishes in order to come up with something new every time. He had explained us what food means to him and how he came up with the restaurant. The restaurant is elegant with a touch of old reminiscing times sharing about Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Sen. I liked the decor and ambiance as it was quite different. There were tumblers kept on the table made of hard clay to replace to jug.

This place is located very near to Tera Parbon. If you are going from Delices to Azad hind take a right and after walking a bit you will see it on the left side.

What we had:


• Lichu Lankar Sorbot – I really liked it. It was subtle. A perfect blend of sweet and spicy. Totally loved it. It was simple yet enticing. #musttry ✌✌

• Illish Chilli Toast – It was well presented. The illish was deboned and the toast was crunchy and tasted nice. It had pepper, garlic, cream and cheese. The mayo served along with it was an icing on the cake. ✌

• Minty mutton croquettes – It was a refined form of mutton chop. I really liked it. It was crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Tasted amazing and would highly recommend on this one. ✌ ✌

• Loochi with Cholar Dal and Dhokha Paneer Dalna – It was superb. The loochi was hot and so was the gravy items. I would personally recommend you to try on this one. However, the oil can be curtailed down on loochi’s.

• Pan seared Illish Darne with English Mustard Cream – It was amazing. If you are okay with bones, then i would recommend you to order on this one. Tasted amazing with the rice served along.

• Gondhoraj Caramel Custard – I personally felt the presentation can be improved a bit. However, the taste was really good. It was a sweet finishing to the course meal.



• Bengali Fusion Food. One of it’s kind.
• Ambiance is a blend of Modern exteriors with Nostalgic memories of Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Sen.
• Really good hospitality.
• Great food presentation.


• I personally found the seating arrangement to be a bit tight. It was a bit crampy.



Meal for two: 500-1500 approximate

Disclaimer: We had a zomato CFC meet up here and i was invited by Zomato.