Red Bamboo Shoot – Patuli

Lipsmacking affair in one word. 

Location & Intro:

This Red Bamboo Shoot Restaurant is located at Patuli near the Patuli Floating Market.

I was invited here to try out their Dishes as a part of Rakhi Special Menu Launch. I always thought Red Bamboo Shoot was a Chinese Restaurant but they have currently got Indian and Mughlai dishes at their Patuli and Garia outlet. This particular outlet of Red Bamboo Shoot is quite well decorated and have a large seating capacity. There is a takeaway section too from where people can pick up their food. I loved the ambiance for this one. It is simplistic yet gives a cozy feeling where one can chill with their family, friends and loved ones. It is also Shankar Rai’s curation.

What i tried:


• Mahi Pepperi Kasturi Tikka – It was tender and marinated quite well. I don’t really like to try the fish with bone as it always cause me trouble in the mouth. This was the boneless version and i relished it quite much.

• Murgh Jawebi Tikka – The Jawebi Tikka was more of Chicken with Dry fruits. It was just fine. However, it can be quite heavy. I feel that the dry fruits punch should be more.

• Sunheri Murgh Tikka – I loved on this one. It was marinated with a bit of Saffron and then added to the tandoor. It was quite tender and lip smacking.

• Spider Chicken – The Spider Chicken was unique and i really loved on this one. If you want to try something different and out of the box, this is meant for you. It was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

• Dry Cooked Fish Finger – The dry cooked fish finger was nice too. It was having chinese flavours and i totally relished on this one.

Main Course:

• Chicken Malaka Rice and Burmee Murgh – This concoction is something i LOVED totally. Would surely come back for this.


• Fried Ice Cream – It had comprised of thai bread crumbs, vanilla ice cream and coconut powder. I totally loved this one. #highlyrecommended

(Took the picture after sometime so it started to Melt)

• Date Pancake – It was just okay to my palate. I would prefer the fried ice cream over this one.

Special thanks:

• Shankar Rai, Dipak Bera, Angela Raha and Team Red Bamboo Shoot for having me over and for good hospitality.

Price for two: 500-1000 approximate (Prices are subject to change due to macroeconomic factors such as inflation, etc.)

Expert Suggestions:

• Work on your Jawebi Tikka and Date Pancake. I think it can be improved much more.


• Good ambiance,

• Large seating capacity.

• Good hospitality

• Great food quality and taste.

• Prices are quite reasonable as per the offering.


I had a good time at The Red Bamboo Shoot, Patuli Outlet and shall come back soon again to try out their New Menu Launches.


I was invited by the management of The Red Bamboo Shoot Restaurant and the views expressed herein are solely my own. 

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