Puffs N Bites

Puffs N Bites – A great place to chill with your friends/family.

Location & Intro:

Puff and Bytes is located very near to Govinda’s (Albert Road – Near Birla High School). It is situated on the first floor and is divided into two section. One is the outer seating area where the customers can come with their friends/family and chill over Food and Sheesha. They also have Cabanna style seating arrangement in case you wanna sit with just your ‘type’ of people. One is the indoor seating area which i think is meant for group bookings, private parties and birthday parties.

I was invited here by Argha who currently operates Digital Brain. The ambiance of the place is nice and has quite a large seating capacity. They also have a Playstation 4 and games which you can play to pass time/chill with your buddies. I think the name Puffs N Bites suits the place as puffs are usually drawn towards Sheesha lovers and Bites towards food nibbles.

What i tried:

We were served a wide array of dishes out here at Puff N bites.


• Redbull Mojito – The Mojito was well presented with Redbull on top. It tasted great.

• Oreo Shake – The Oreo Shake was great to taste as well.

• Iced Tea – Lemon – This is one place where i could get proper flavor of tea. #highlyrecommended


• Mushroom Fungi Soup – The Mushroom Fungi Soup was excellent. I would highly recommend this to soup lovers. #highlyrecommended

• Jalapeno Cheese Balls – The cheese balls were quite good. They were crispy on the outside and mouth melting on the inside.

• Prawn Cocktail – I somehow did not really enjoy it quite much because the sauce in which it was dipped was quite much and felt like too much mayo. Preferably, it would be better if they give the sauce less or just dice the prawn in the sauce.

• Chicken Drumsticks – The drumsticks were just okay. I personally feel that they need to improve it quite a lot as drumsticks should not go wrong. The sauce blend was not quite right.

• Pesto Mushroom Bruschetta – The Bruschetta was just okay to me. I am not a great fan of chilli flakes so instead of adding it totally on it, it could have been given separately.


• BBQ Chicken Pizza – The chicken and the toppings were great. However, again, the batter could have been a little thin. Nonetheless, taste wise it was quite good.

• Spaghetti tossed in Pesto sauce – I liked the spaghetti. Though, i don’t enjoy pesto flavor quite much.

• Au Gratin – The Au Gratin was super good. I really liked the presentation as well as the taste. #highlyrecommended

• Non Veg Tandoor Platter – The non veg platter was again heavenly. It’s a must try out here and i highly recommend on this one. It had a wide array of kebabs including Tangdi. #highlyrecommended

Special thanks:

• Management of Puff N Bytes for extending the hospitality including all their staffs and workers.

• Argha Banerjee, Digital Brain for inviting me over.

Expert Suggestions:

• Taste of some of the dishes can be improved like lollipop and Bbq Chicken Pizza. I have already given the feedback to the Management and i hope they shall work on the same.


• Large seating capacity.

• Sheesha and Food both available.

• Cabana seating arrangement.


I had a great time here with a bunch of foodie friends here. Hope to come back soon again. Their sheesha deserves a special mention. It was good. Ending it on a sweet tooth.


I was invited by the management of  Puffs N Bites and the views expressed herein are solely my own. 

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