Don’t be surprised if my personal favorite’s includes mostly chicken. I am a ravenous chicken eater. Also, the list keeps increasing with day’s passing by.

• Chicken Bharta – Russel Dhaba, Kolkata


Reason: What i personally like about this chicken bharta is the smooth and tasty gravy blended with pulled/shredded chicken and tomatoes. It just melts in the mouth and is a little greasy. Chicken bharta lovers must not miss on this one. The reason being it is easy on stomach. The buttery gravy, spices and the creamy texture is quite enjoyable by the palate. 


• Chicken Matka Biriyani and Tandoori Chicken – Oudh 1590, Southern Avenue, Kolkata

Screenshot (28) Screenshot (29)

Reason: Oudh 1590’s biriyani is in one word ‘Fantastic/Lajawab’. The reason being the desi ghee essence in which it is cooked in is aromatic. The small pieces of chicken and the overall marination of the chicken with fried onions makes the palate salivate. I enjoy my biriyani with the raita they serve. The hotness of the biriyani is compensated with the raita and i personally love this one. 

Oudh 1590’s Tandoori Chicken also is on my personal favorites because the chicken here is cooked in mustard oil and the smell hits the nose first. The tandoori pieces are quite succulent and is served with masaledar onions and sprinkled on top with Dhania. The flesh separates the bone with ease which makes it sure that the chicken is cooked to perfection. 


• Chicken Satay, Veg Au Gratin and Lasooni Kebab – Bj’s Cafe

 Veg Au Gratin
Veg Au Gratin
Chicken Satay in Peanut Butter
Chicken Satay in Peanut Butter
Lasoni Kebab (Bjs Special)
Lasoni Kebab (Bjs Special)

Reason: Bj’s Cafe has currently won my heart with their chicken satay, Lasooni Kebab and Veg Au Gratin.

Veg Au Gratin, the baked dish is surely worth trying here. The reason is that it is full of veges and blended with cheese in such a way that one enjoys the flavor and it automatically attracts the palate. It is served smoky hot here. I always like my food hot. 

The Chicken Satay served here are 6 pieces of chicken skewers topped with peanut butter sauce. One fine day, i and my friend had visited bjs cafe. I ordered the satay and as he is a vegetarian, i gulped down all the 6 pieces myself. I mean. It is super delicious and really really worth it. The best part is that it is served hot as well. The greasy peanut butter sauce on top definitely makes the whole dish enjoyable. The chicken pieces are tender and served absolutely hot. 

• Shaina Chicken Corner, Roast Chicken, Behind Quest Mall, Kolkata

Screenshot (31)Screenshot (64)

Reason: If you haven’t tried shaina’s roast chicken, you definitely have missed out on a lot. This is a dish which have made the restaurant so famous and boosted up their sales like HELL LOT!! You must be wondering whats so special about it? It is in itself special. The chicken pieces are first marinated with the shaina’s secret spices and grilled first. Thereon, after grilling the chicken, they make their special chutney kind of thing which definitely includes mixture of cream, curd and butter and mix them both and serve with green onion and salad. The grilled tandoor chicken which is served here is hot and the dahi gravy along with the bite of mildly spiced up chicken is enough to satiate the palate. 

• Teriyaki Bhetki – Hungry Tide, Kolkata

Screenshot (65)

Reason: The bhetki fish is so soft. It is quite difficult to bind it. When i am picking it up with the spoon, pieces are not dripping apart. It was served smoky hot and tasted super delicious. Though one had to blow out some air to gulp it down as it was super smoky hot. 


• Chilli Garlic Noodles – Tai Chien Village, Lake Gardens, Kolkata

Screenshot (32)

Reason: The chilli garlic noodles which they served to me was properly blended with little oil. The chowmien was not sticky as well as not too oily. The spice and the vegetables was added to the chowmien in such a way that the crisp of vegetables and the spicy flavour was hitting the palate right. 

• Paneer Burger – Delices, Kolkata

Screenshot (27)
Reason: The reason for this Paneer Burger to be on my personal favorites is because there are hardly any good vegetarian outlets in Kolkata as of now which serve such great paneer burgers. The burger had comprised of Paneer, Lettuce leaves, Caramelised Onion inside with the paneer patty. It was presented with fries, salad and usual tomato ketchup. The bun was soft and crispy at the same time. One bite of the bun makes you feel like wow. This is something really delicious. 

• Honey Glaced Chicken wings served Polynesian style and Chicken Hawaain salad- American Cave, New Alipore, Kolkata


Reason: The honey glaced chicken wings served in polynesian style was a concoction of sweetness of honey and spicyness of red flakes and red chilli. The balance was kept right and the chicken was quite tender. 

The chicken hawaain salad won my heart because of the presentation which appealed my eyes as well as the perfect concoction of shredded chicken, lettuce, bell pepper and other veges. 

• Kung Pao And Chicken Rice, Tak heng

Kung Pao Chicken
Kung Pao Chicken
Chicken Fried Rice
Chicken Fried Rice

Reason: The kungpao chicken was perfectly made as the name suggests. This indo chinese dish had abundant cashew nuts and the subtle gravy in which the chicken was blended and served made it more likeable to me. 

What makes this chicken rice on my personal favorites is the abundant quantity of chicken and egg added to the rice. The rice was subtle and not too salty.

• Tutty Fruity Ice Cream, Rollicks (Earlier Indian Hobby Center, Park Street)


Reason: The reason i like tutty fruity ice cream here is because they add natural fruits to the ice cream. The ice cream is also sufficient in quantity and tastes really good with the natural fruits itself.