PARANTHE WALI GALI – Ab Delhi ka mazaa Kalkutta me. (Delhi’s Paranthewaligali (Parantha Lane) in Kolkata’s Food Cafe/Kiosk) 

Intro & Location:

Paranthe Wali Gali is a new food joint which has been started by Rahul Arora. Paranthe Wali Gali is named after the famous Paranthe Wali Gali of Old Delhi, a narrow street famous for their variety of parantha’s. I had been invited here by Atreya and Rahul as a part of blogger’s meet to try out the wide varieties of Paranthes. It is situated at 104 Lake Terrace Road. Head straight from Desapriya Park’s Kim Ling (straight in the lane), you will surely get here.

As soon as you reach inside, the mesmerising decor does not fail to appeal your eyes. With small things and creativity, the whole place has been made to a masterpiece. It starts from witty shayaris, the vibrancy of colorful churi’s (bangles), Rahul’s personal clicks framed and much much more. The main gate is also very inviting and colorful. There are two sections in which the place is divided. One is the usual seating area for the customers. Another one is meant for large group. It is more of a homely and comfortable atmosphere keeping in mind all kinds of crowd. The ambiance of the place is really good and they have beautifully utilized the space to their utmost advantage. We were a group of 10-12 blogger’s who after clicking lots and lots of pictures, decided to sit down to eat. 


What we tried:

We had tried a couple of things taking from the sherbets and lassis, bhurjis, paranthes and more. It was from the Vasant Utsav Menu. We started our parantha eating with pickled onions and curd which went hand in hand with the parantha’s. The items which i tried here are :-

Puchkizza – The pizza inside a puchka is named as puchkizza. If you are coming to paranthe wali gali and if you don’t have this one, shame on you.  This is a must try out here. When you pop the puchka inside your mouth, you feel the pizza toppings, spicy flavour and cheese in your mouth. I am not a spicy person but this is also recommended for non spicy people. It has just a tinge of spice. #mouthmelting #lipsmacking 

Puch Kizza
Puch Kizza

Gur ka Sherbet – The sherbet was excellent. It was not over the top sweet. It was subtle and refreshing. I really loved it and it’s my personal favorite here. 

Gur ka Sherbet

Moti Chur Lassi – The moti chur lassi was thick and tasted super good. I loved it.

Moti Chur Lassi

Strawberry Lassi – I loved this one too. It was thick as well. If you want to try something which is refreshing and light on stomach, then you must go for gur ka sherbet and skip on this one. 

Strawberry Lassi

Lassan Harapyaz Parantha – This Parantha was excellent. The green onions and pyaaz concoction inside a parantha made it taste really good especially with the onion achar and curd.

Pyaaz aur Hare Pyaaz Parantha

Chane ki Daal Paranthe – I somehow loved this one much more than the Lassan Harapyaz Parantha. It was hot. It was super tasty. #lipsmacker 

Chane ki Daal

Achari Chicken Parantha – Chicken!! I loved this one. It was made with Chicken Strips inside and an Achari kick to it. I am surely coming back for this one. It was good. The chicken was not at all chewy even if placed inside a paratha. Thin thread like pieces were added making it easy to chew and digest. The parantha was really good but the chicken’s taste could be enhanced more.  

Chicken Achari Parantha

Ande ki Bhurji – The Bhurji was super excellent to look at. However, two things were added more. One is the oil and second is the salt. I have already given the feedback to Rahul. The salt can be reduced a bit and overall, it tasted super good.

Egg Bhurji

Paneer ki Bhurji – The paneer ki bhurji was good too. However, i prefer former bhurji over this one. The problem with this one was also due to salt content. 

Paneer Bhurji

Gulab Ice Cream – The ice cream tasted delish. It was something different from usual. 

Gulab Ice Cream

Chocolate Parantha – This was served as a dessert. For a chocolate lover, this parantha would surely take them to heaven. 

Chocolate Parantha

Gur ki thandi Ice Cream – It was good to keep the stomach calm and cold. I really liked it. 

Gur ki Ice Cream


○ Well decorated with proper use of space.

○ Paranthe is the niche.

○ Reasonably priced.

○ Decent seating area.

○ Good food quantity.

Special thanks: 

○ Atreya Paul for inviting me over. Thanks brother, i had a good time.

○ Rahul Arora for extending his hospitality and the team of Paranthe Wali Gali which includes all the staffs and the workers who served us courteously.

Meal for two: It would cost approximately 200-500. Prices are subject to change due to macroeconomic factor such as inflation, etc. 


Would love to visit this outlet again. I really had a great time here. I am going to try some chicken parantha’s next time.

Disclaimer: I was invited by Atreya Paul and Bon Appetit the Cafe and the views expressed herein are solely my own. 

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