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MPOC, Food, Frolic and more! – An insight into Palm Oil

MPOC or Malaysian Palm Oil Council had just completed it’s 100 anniversary and some of the members of the organisation had come over to celebrate and give us an insight into palm oil and its benefits. We had our meeting done at Barbq Nation wherein around 30-35 food/lifestyle bloggers had gathered to discuss and talk on this topic. Bhavna Shah was the speaker who had in a simple manner explained us from the scratch about what is palm oil and more. It was not just an insight into palm oil but they had also wonderfully curated food quizzes and meets for all of us. There have been a lot of negative vibe going around the consumption on palm oil and detrimental effects of the palm oil on the orangutans and the plantations. However, someway or the other, we all are consuming palm oil. They had come to tell us or rather provide us with an insight that palm oil is not really bad for the health. There had been a lot of controversies going on in the market whether the palm oil is bad or not. Dr. Kalyana Sundaram, CEO of MPOC, who has also served in committees such as FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) and WHO (World Health Organization) wants to clear up the negativeness which are related to palm oil and it’s usage which you can read about it here.

100 years
Blogger Arrangement @ Barbq Nation

Food and Lifestyle Bloggers
Food and Lifestyle Bloggers

Nevertheless, we all met at Barbq nation and from there on, we went to Mocambo whereon, we had to answer questions about palm oil depending on which we will be getting points. It was fun as we all were made into groups and had been moving from one place to another. Thereafter, we went to Oasis where we were blindfolded. I am like what??? They wanted us to guess the ingredients in the food which was being served to us. We all tried our luck. We also performed the mannequin challenge there and then, we jumped to Trincas where we had the salad making competition. Whoever made the salad and presented it nicely would be given some points. After this, most of us headed back to Barbq Nation situated at Park Street where we had our dart competition whereon the winners were given goodies from MPOC and thereafter we sat down for final brunch. We also took some pictures by applying some fancy props.

Bhavna talking on Palm Oil

Quiz @ Mocambo
Blindfold tasting

Salad Making
Posing for a pic with Props!

All in all, it was Sunday well spent with Bhavna and Priyanka. Thank you for spreading awareness about the palm oil. We really enjoyed your session and all in all discussion about palm oil. 

Disclaimer: I was invited by the MPOC here at Barbq Nation to attend the awareness meet for Palm Oil! Thank you for the pictures Malaysian Palm Oil Council.