The Chaiwala – Customer Friendly concept  Location & Intro: The Chaiwala is situated in Graham’s Land, Tollygunge. When i first heard Graham’s land, i was surprised to have been passing by tollygunge and never came across this lane or say, such fancy name. It is not at all difficult to locate. If you are coming from […]

Tak Heng!

Tak Heng! – Neat place with lip smacking oriental food  Intro & Location: Tak Heng was visited during the closure time when four of my friends. This place has got minimalistic decor and is not very big in size. However, they are building up a large area as a party space. The place has got few […]

Big Ben!

The Big Ben! – A great pub located inside Kenilworth Hotel. Intro & Location: The Big Ben is located inside Kenilworth Hotel. It is a great pub to enjoy. Kenilworth hotel is located in Little Russel Street. Head Straight from Astor Hotel towards A.C. market, just a little near to Astor Hotel, there will be […]


Red Hot Chilli Pepper, Ballygunge – Completes it’s 17 years in the city of joy.  Intro & Location: Seventeen years in Kolkata in Hospitality industry is indeed a long time. Yes, that’s what Red Hot Chilli Pepper’s Ballygunge have attained by persistent effort and continuous endeavor to satiate the taste buds of the patrons of Kolkata. […]

The Shack!

The Shack – A rooftop vegetarian cafe serving sheesha  Intro & Location: This cafe is aptly named as it is actually built like a shack. It is divided into two sections. The indoor section is quite small, air conditioned and has a playstation 4 for people to play games there. The outdoor section is amazing. They […]

BJS Cafe

BJS Cafe – A sports cafe named after bunty and jacky.  Intro & Location: I had been to BJS cafe some months back and i was again here to celebrate the birthday of one of the top foodies named Avijit Biswas. This Cafe is quirky and has different seating arrangements to suit different customers. The […]

The Palm’s

The Palms – A simple yet elegant restaurant. Intro & Location: The Palms was on my wishlist for a long time. I finally got to visit it 08.09.2016. I was invited by Shahbaaz Zaman  to try out the food here. The decor of the place is elegant and quite contemporary. This place is quite beautifully […]

Love Room!

The Love Room – The FIRST PET CAFE in the City of Joy!  Intro & Location: The Love Room is a pet friendly cafe and belongs to one of my beloved friend.  I had visited this cafe yesterday with one of my close friend. The cafe’s logo was glowing red from the outside and is […]


Dugout!: The place to be!! Intro & Location: Dugout has been my personal favorite since quite a long time. I had visited it on 13th August, 2016. One of my friend had come from Pune for a weekend and we decided to hit this place late in the night. At night, the ambiance of this […]


EAT GOOD FOOD: A Good place for calorie conscious people.  Intro & Location: This place had been on my wishlist since sometime. It is owned by Hena Nafiz, Nutritionist. The place is nicely decorated and is quirky. The ambiance seems nicely done. The best part about eat good food is that one can get an […]


Bluzz!!!! – Blu!!!! A place to chill!  Intro & Location: I had come here to Bluzz with few of my friends. This place had been on my wishlist since a very very LONG time. Though, i could never get to this place during it’s early times. Nevertheless, when you enter this place, it is totally blue. […]

Tai Chien

Tai Chien Village – Dynamite in one word.  Intro & Location: Tai Chien Village is amidst the interiors of lake gardens. Few of my friend’s reside in this area and i had been crossing this place while on my way home quite frequently. I finally decided to visit this place with mom after we were returning back […]

Xrong Place

Intro & Location: I had been here today with one of my friend to celebrate the Friendship day. The ambiance of this place is quite lively and cheering despite being quite dimly lit. The place is divided into two sections. Below section comprise of a pool table whereas the above section comprises of a bar, […]

Glace Patisserie

Glace Patisserie – Cute, chic and quirky in three words. Intro & Location: I was invited to this patisserie by Rukshana Kapadia , a beloved friend as well as a culinary commentator. We were a bunch of food lovers who had come here to try here different pastries and desserts. The place is new and […]

Saptapadi Restaurant

Saptapadi Restaurant – Bengali Fusion at it’s best. Intro & Location: Zomato in association with Calcutta Foodies Club had organised a meet here for the people who share the love of food. It had few items from the upcoming Hilsa Festival for tasting. A seperate bengali cuisine menu was made for us to try out the […]