The Awadh Restaurant

Jashn E Kebab Festival – 10th to 20th September, 2018 Location & Intro: The Awadh Restaurant is located at 17 Park Circus. To be more precise, head straight from Beckbagan towards Seven Point Crossing, you will locate it on the left hand side. The opposite side has Arsalan, Haji Saheb etc. The Restaurant is situated […]

Red Bamboo Shoot – Patuli

Lipsmacking affair in one word.  Location & Intro: This Red Bamboo Shoot Restaurant is located at Patuli near the Patuli Floating Market. I was invited here to try out their Dishes as a part of Rakhi Special Menu Launch. I always thought Red Bamboo Shoot was a Chinese Restaurant but they have currently got Indian […]

Carpe Diem – Seize the Moment!

 Carpe Diem – A place close to my heart. <3 Intro & Location: Carpe Diem = Let’s live the moment be in the present and enjoy life to the fullest without worrying about the future. They rightly say it here ‘Seize The Moment’. Something i totally believe in. Carpe Diem is a lounge as well […]

Red Bamboo Shoot Restaurant – Kasba

Lip Smacking Experience in One Word. Location & Intro: This particular outlet of Red Bamboo Shoot Restaurant is located in Rajdanga Area, Kasba, Kolkata. I was invited here to try out their Chinese Starters as a part of Rakhi New Menu Launch. The Restaurant is located on the first floor and is somehow like a cosy […]

What all you need to know if you want to start Blogging

WHAT IS BLOGGING? WHAT IS A BLOG? AND HOW IS IT DIFFERENT FROM REVIEWING? Well, these days it’s a TREND to be a blogger. I am a Restaurant Blogger (mostly), my content today will be near about FOOD itself. A lot of NEWBIES have added me on Facebook claiming themselves as ‘FOOD BLOGGERS’ with no […]

What all you need to know when you buy Tea

Introduction: Tea(Cha/Chai) is something which is consumed by almost everyone in their household. Back in time and even now in some of the houses, it is the usual milk tea or masala chai which helps you to give a initial wake up call (alarm is for the body and tea is for the mind) making […]

Cream Centre – 7 years of Celebration – Kolkata!

Cream Centre – Satiate your palate with some lip smacking food at fine dine. Intro & Location: Cream Centre has been spreading its wings across different cities in India such as Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Lucknow, Rajasthan etc. Along with that, it has opened their international outlet in Karama, Dubai. Also, Cream Centre is quite a […]

Why i love mountains so much?

So today’s blog is not going to be about ‘Food’. Today’s blog is more about connecting with yourself and most importantly, what matters in life. I know the name ‘Delish Cherish Relish’ is quite a big one for a website but could not find anything smaller to express my escapades through words. Relish means to […]

The Hush Affair!

Enjoy some lip smacking snacks and sheesha!  Location & Intro: The Hush Affair is located in Survey Park Area. To be more precise, this is the exact address Shop F 11, Calcutta Greens Commercial Complex, Ajoy Nagar, Kolkata. It is a cafe which serves lipsmacking food and sheesha at affordable prices in the Ajoy Nagar Area. Not […]

Ladakh 2018

I am just sharing a glimpse of my recent visit to Ladakh through my lens. I have also covered some pictures on my way to Jammu! Please follow my facebook page for more: 🙂

Shimla 2018

I am just sharing a glimpse of my recent visit to Shimla through my lens. Please follow my facebook page for more: 🙂

The Calcutta Kitchen

The Calcutta Kitchen – A fine dine vegetarian restaurant! Location & Intro: The Calcutta Kitchen is located in the Bangur Area. It was earlier Yellow Chilli and now has been revamped. The restaurant is a pure vegetarian fine dine in. The ambiance of the place is great and the view is appealing. I was invited […]

RDBD, Ballygunge

Satiate your taste buds with creamy punjabi food. Introduction: Rang De Basanti Dhaba has been particularly on the mode of expansion in the city of joy. Being a punjabi myself, i am quite delighted to see that RDBD is trying to provide better quality food in a dhaba style ambiance. The get up on the […]