Pa Pa Ya (Modern Asian Bistro) – Arrives at the City of Joy

Intro & Location:

Park Street is flourishing with new kiosks, food joints and fine dine ins. One such fine dining restaurant happens to be Pa Pa Ya – Modern Asian Bistro. I was invited to Pa Pa Ya on 25 March 2018 as a part of Foodie’s meet to try out the food items here at around 12 noon. This Modern Asian Bistro served us a wide array of dishes about which i am going to talk today.

It is located in Magma House, 24 Park Street on the Level Eleven.

What i tried:

(All the dishes were presented excellently)


 Virgin Mojito – The mojito was nice and refreshing. It could have been better with some more muddling of mint leaves.

• Exotica – The drink tasted nice and i totally enjoyed on this one.

Nibbles, Soup and Starters

• Amuse Bouche – We were served watermelon amuse bouche to cleanse palate before we start on the food. It was nicely presented and tasted good.

• Spicy Shitake Sushi – I am not a sushi lover neither do i relish sushi’s. It just tasted okay to me.

• Sauteed Leeks and Water Chestnut Dimsums – The dimsums were super tender and melted in the mouth. It was good to look and even better to eat. The color of the dimsums was red due to the addition of the beetroot juice.  #musttry

• Chicken Gyoza Dimsum – I preferred the former vegetarian one. Nonetheless, this isn’t bad either. However, the dimsum should have been much more tender.

• Som Tam Salad – This was the vegetarian version of salad served to us. It just tasted fine.

• Chicken Laksa – This is probably my favorite out here at Pa Pa Ya. The Laksa was presented nicely and tasted great. Even after addition of coconut milk, it was not so heavy on the stomach and quite light. However, i strongly feel that the portion served should be a little more. If you want to relish your laksa, add some fried garlics, coriander and lemon on top and then, indulge in it deeply. My friends had the vegetarian version of Laksa too and they relished it as well.  #musttry

• Pla Samrot Gung – Prawns tossed in their special sauce which had a citrus kick to it. It was really good to taste and the flavours satiated my palated well! If you’re a prawn person, you must go for this one. #musttry

• Grilled Chicken and Avocado Tacos – The best part about these tacos was the peanut butter sauce and the tender chicken added inside the tacos. This is another favorite of mine here. As soon as you pop the tacos in your mouth, burst of flavours!!  #musttry

• Amuse Bouche – Just before we start our main course, we were served sorbet Amuse Bouche which was equally good to cleanse palate.

Main Course:

• Penang Curry – The mild spices malaysian curry with tofu steaks and coconut cream. I tried the gravy and it was really good. However, unlike other dishes which were light on stomach, this one was a bit heavy. Nonetheless, it was excellent to taste. #musttry

• Wok Fried Sichuan Chicken – The chicken was tossed in their special sauce and tasted good. It was served piping hot and tasted great with the yaki udon noodles and corn and spinach fried rice. #musttry

• Yaki Udon Noodles – The noodles were thick, smoky hot and tasted great. #highlyrecommended

• Corn and Spinach Fried Rice – The rice was equally good and tasted great with the sichuan chicken. It was cooked to perfection.


• Chocolate Ball on Fire – It was a show to look at. The big chocolate ball was fired up on top with flamed Cointreau and viola! it sinked into the vanilla ice cream. It was fine to taste. However, the Cointreau did make it quite a bit sour.

Meal (Approximate Price) : For Sunday Selected Menu Brunch, it starts from 1600 INR for one whereas on weekdays it would cost around 2000 INR for two. One can choose their own dishes from the menu on weekdays. Prices are subject to change due to macroeconomic factors such as inflation, etc.


• Large Seating Capacity.

• Fine Dine In and Luxury Decor.

• Good hospitality.

• Excellent Food Presentation.

• Great Ambiance.


• Staffs require more training.

• Expensive.


Food Presentation 4.2/5

Food Quality 4/5

Food Quantity 4/5

Taste 4.2/5

Hygiene 4.2/5

Hospitality 4/5

Ambiance 4.1/5


I had a good time at Pa Pa Ya. This Modern Asian Bistro definitely took the asian food to the next level. The best part was that the food was quite light and not heavy on the stomach. Also, some of the dishes were lipsmacking tender and piping hot.


I was invited by the management of Pa Pa Ya and the views expressed herein are solely my own.

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