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A Delicious Paan Affair with On My way – Paan Cafe! 

Location & Intro:

On My Way is located at Chinar Park Area. To be more precise, 20, Club Town Enclave, Chinar Park, Kolkata. Press on the google map here for live directions to this place:

I along with A, J, A and P were invited here by Mr. Anup Ladia (The Owner) to try out the Food and Paan.

On my way started with Paan varieties and is now an ISO Certified company. After a long gap, i finally decided to try out the food and delicacies at their outlet in Chinar Park. The ambiance of the place is quite quirky and has a good vibe to it.  They even sell sheesha, flavours and some wonderful chocolates off the shelf. I started my journey with a cup of Kesar Chai and conversations with him.

What i tried:


• Apple Mojito – The Mojito was great to taste. I enjoyed it. The flavors were there quite much.

• Mint Oreo –  I loved on this one. Probably, one of the best from ON MY WAY. I would highly recommend everyone to try this one. The flavor was lipsmacking good.

• Bubble Gum Shake – The bubble gum shake was quite sweet. If you like sweet stuffs, you can surely go on this one. I prefer the former over the latter.

• Chocolate Shake – The chocolate shake was also good to taste. If you are a chocolate person, you can surely go for this one.

They have recently started with their food items and we went for some experimentation and taste.


• Veg Momo – Steam –  The Veg Steam momo was just fine. I think they need to work on their Momo quite a bit.

• Veg Corn Momo – Steam – The Corn momo seemed quite a bit bland to me. They surely can work on it.

• Chilli Potato – The chilli potato did a fair job. It tasted fine.

Main Course:

• Green Thai Curry with Rice – The Green Thai Curry with Rice was fine to taste. However, the curry should have been more thick. I somehow feel the quantity of rice is more than the required gravy. They should somehow balance the items accordingly.

• Hakka Veg Noodles – The Noodles were just okay. However, they can surely improve on the taste more and also need to add more of the quality ingredients.

• Veg Manchurian – I am not a big manchurian fan. Albeit, this one was just okay. The coating was quite thick and Manchurian became quite tough to break it.

• Litti Chokha – The Litti Chokha which they prepared was quite good. It was piping hot when served to all of us.


• Waffle – Oreo Crunch – The oreo crunch waffle was quite good. It was presented well as well.

• Red Velvet –  I am more of a white chocolate person than a chocolate person. I loved the Red Velvet cake more than the Oreo one and the waffles were quite warm and it went hand in hand with the white chocolate.

• BBQ Paan with Marsh Mellow and Jujubes –  We all love grilling kebabs don’t we? For a change, we were grilling Paan’s now with Anup and Dharmishta Ladia (Co-Owners – On My Way). When asked him about how he came up with this idea, it’s just simple experimentation. They even have paan pops, naulakha paan and quite more.

• Paan Fondue – The Paan fondue was similar to cheese fondue but there was no cheese here but Blueberry special cream which they prepare to dip the paan into. I somewhat liked the idea of doing something unique and giving city of joy different escapades when it comes to paan.

Also, they have introduced the Non – Spit Paan. Well, i was first quite surprised looking at it on their menu and when i digged in a bit more on what this means, i got to know that those paan’s can be chewed and swallowed. *giggles*

Special thanks:

• Anup Ladia and Dharmistha Ladia for inviting me over and extending great hospitality to all of us.

• Team of On My Way including all the hardworking staffs who made our experience memorable.

Special Attention Area: 

• Serving staffs needs to be looked upon. They need a bit more training wrt hospitality.

• Food needs to be improvised quite a bit more. There lies quite much scope of improvements and i am sure with positive spirit and great efforts, you all can take it to a better level.

Price for two: 300-700 approximate (Prices are subject to change due to macroeconomic factors such as inflation, etc.). Also, depends on what you order. *giggles* 


• Great hospitality.

• Great Paan Variety.

• Decent ambiance.

• Sells Chocolates, Sheesha and more off the shelf which can be used for gifting too.


I would again like to thank the management for such gracious hospitality.



I was invited by the management of  On My Way and the views expressed herein are solely my own. 


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