Oceanic, The Peerless Inn

Punjabi Food Festival @ Oceanic, The Peerless Inn 

Location & Intro:

Oceanic is located in the first floor at The Peerless Inn. The Peerless Inn is located right near to the Esplanade/New Market Crossing.

First of all, i would extend by gratitude to Debasree Roy and Soumi Sarkar for inviting me over to Oceanic @ The Peerless Inn to try out the dishes from the Punjabi Food Festival which is still happening out here. It started from 31st March,2017 and shall continue till 13th April, 2017. To celebrate Vaisakhi and Punjabi cuisine, i was invited there in the Blogger’s meet. The ambiance of the place is excellent and it was quite crowded when i visited it around 7:30 – 8. I started with a sip of cold drink and thereafter, went on clicking pictures. 

I tried a couple of dishes here which were a part of buffet spread and would be pointing out my views on the same.


What i tried:


Chicken Kukar and Paneer – I started off with Chicken Kukar and Paneer. Both were heated up in the Pan before serving it up to me. Chicken Kukar was good. The paneer however, could have been much more softer. It was tad bit stiff.


Main Course:

Makki Ki Roti and Sarson Da Saag – The saag was excellent. It was aromatic and good to taste too. The makki ki roti was quite thick. I would recommend that it should be made a little more thin. 

Makai di Roti and Sarson Da Saag

Kukran Shan E Punjab, Ragda Chana Daal and Plain Rice– It was Chicken pieces cooked in rich and thick gravy with cream on top. It was excellent. The chicken was really good for this one and was succulent as well. The Ragda Chana Daal tasted fine. It would have been better. 






Chana Dal

Methi Macchi Masala – It was excellent. The gravy was sweet with a bit of cream added on top. I really loved it. The taste was excellent. I would highly recommend on this one. 

Methi Macchi Masala

Chicken Tawa Pulao and Salan– The Pulao was fine but the Chicken was quite stiff and not tender as expected. The Salan was great. 


Corn Pulao – The Corn Pulao tasted good. I liked it.  

Corn Pulao

I wanted to try the Gosht Nawabi but was too full to try.


I tried a lot of Desserts which made me bloat after that. 

Rossogolla and Gulab Jamun – I started off with their Rossogollas and Gulab Jamuns. They were excellent. The Rossogulla was topped with Rose Petal and was giving the aroma and satiated the palate with the taste of it. The Gulab Jamun was equally excellent

Sugar Free Bhapa Sandesh – It was good. As the name said, it actually was sugar free and tasted good.

Tart with cherry on top – The tart was yummy. Would recommend on this one. 

Mishti Doi – The Mishti Doi was good. Probably, they could never go wrong on this one.

Kiwi Pastry – It was super good. I loved this one like anything. So smooth and mouth melting. 

Baklava – The Baklava was just fine.

I even tried their Mango Lassi  and Kulfi but did not find it over the top good. The Mango flavour could have been more and lassi could have been much more thicker. It was quite watery. The Kulfi was just okay.

Mishti Doi
Mango Lassi



Special thanks:

○ Debasree Di and Soumi Di for inviting me and making me try the punjabi food festival.

○ Management of Oceanic, The Peerless Inn for extending their hospitality.

○ All the staffs who have worked and slogged to make our experience enriching.

Price for two: 1500-2000 approximate (Prices are subject to change due to macroeconomic factors such as inflation, etc.)


○ Great Ambiance.

○ Great Hospitality.

○ They keep on trying and innovating.


I had a decent experience here. Though, they could do a lot with the Punjabi Food Festival. A large number of famous Punjabi Items were missing on the Buffet Spread which shall be included and taken into consideration. 


I was invited by the management of Oceanic, The Peerless Inn and the views expressed herein are solely my own. 

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