Nawwarah – Morrocan Theme Veg Restaurant Cum Lounge in the City of Joy. 

Location & Intro:

Nawwarah is Kunal Gupta’s Masterpiece. It is a two floor building which has got a restaurant on the ground floor, buffet/party area on the 1st (which includes serving buffet) and lounge on the second floor. It is not at all difficult to locate. It is located right opposite to Quest Mall, Kolkata.

As soon as you visit Nawwarah, the decor from the outside mesmerises your eyes. It does give you a good feel like you are entering an elite place. As you enter inside, the beautifully curated morrocan style ambiance with vibrant colors catches your eyes. The thing about vibrancy is that sometime’s it does hit your eye too much. That’s not the case in Nawwarah. The ambiance comprises of beautifully lit chandeliers, mesmerising morrocan decor, color combinations, the photographs which are hunged on the side walls with a little smudge added to the walls to give it a great finish. We were invited at the 2nd Floor Lounge for Food tasting and as Valentines Day was nearby, we were offered certain Valentines Day Drinks to taste. I loved the colorful sofa’s and the colorful mirror’s hanging on the walls. The chandelier’s had been beautifully placed and is different in different floors. A rose had been placed on each table where the customer’s were sitting. There is a lot about the ambiance and the classy decor which does make you stalk it for quite sometime and even includes floors had been beautifully decorated to match up with the decor. One word for ambiance – Splendid. The music which plays in the background is great. It is soft and soothing to the ears as well. Nevertheless, a lot has been said about the ambiance. To be really honest, i personally observed that all the staffs who were serving us were quite courteous in their behavior and despite we being such a big group, managed to serve us properly without being under pressure or with any hesitations. It is not just about naan and kulcha’s and extend far beyond it. It is a pure vegetarian restaurant cum lounge which has definitely taken vegetarian food to the next level. 

Let’s come to the beverages and food now.

What we were served:


○ Safe Sex on the Beach – Safe sex on the beach was excellent. The flavour was soothing and enjoyeable. However, the sweetness can be reduced a bit. Excellent presentation for this.  It had comprised of cranberry juice, peach nectar and grapefruit juice (the concoction of these itself makes it extremely sweet) and was presented with cherry on top.

○ Atomic Cat – Atomic Cat, a little mild on the side as compared to safe sex on the beach, was decent too. Tasted great. It was orange juiced with basil and blended with ginger syrup, water and mint. The presentation was great again. 

Guava Delight – I personally loved this drink a lot. It was quite nicely presented with a big chilli on top of the glass. The  concoct of sweetness with spicy touch to it was great. I mean, i relished it. It was presented with chaat masala stuck to the side of the glass. #musttryforall

Additionally to it for tasting which was “not included” in the menu, we were served Valentine’s Day Drink’s to taste. Special thanks to the management of Nawwarah for serving this to us for tasting and reviewing it. The drinks looked fantabulous and were nicely presented :-

Valentine Special Mocktail With Rose Caviar (Blush on Ice) – The drink did not comprise of real caviar which is ‘the pickled roe of sturgeon or other type of large fish, eaten as a delicacy’. It was rose scented caviar which was to be enjoyed first by gulping the caviar down and then drinking the drink. However, sadly, as our palate was concoction of other drinks, i could not get the taste of the drink as i took it before caviar. Later, as instructed by the management of Nawwarah, i tried it by taking caviar first and then the drink, it tasted quite soothing and refreshing to me.

Sweet 16 – It was presented sweetly. It was Orange juice punched with ginger syrup with a hint of grenadine topped up strawberry cheese foam. I liked it. The flavour was subtle and grenadine is a concoction of flavour that is both tart and sweet. The drink is kept mild.

Food Menu: 

(All the food item’s were beautifully curated and presented. The black ceramic plates in which few items are served is extremely catchy to the eyes and class apart)

Nawwarah Platter – The platter includes Multani Mushroom Kebabs, Paneer tikka,and, Tandoori Stuffed Aloo. It was served along with Green Chutney and Salad. The mushroom kebabs were great to taste and were tender. The paneer was quite soft and was melting in the mouth. The stuffed aloo was the best of the lot. It was stuffed with minced paneer and topped with cheese. Great to taste. The platter was beautifully curated and served and costs just INR 275 bucks which is quite reasonable as per Kolkata Standard’s for a place like Nawwarah. If you are a group of friend’s who have come to chill and want to taste varieties, it is highly recommended. 

Nazza – Mini Sized Naan’s which were topped with cheese and baked with spice and herb blend of sumac, Oregano,Thyme and Sesame seeds (zaater powder). It was served along with Daal Makhanwala. The soft naan with cheese on top is heaven on earth.  

Paneer Kurchan – It was good to taste too. Paneer was tossed with Veges and served to us. I loved the preparation. 

Open Sandwich – The Sandwich was served with cheese on top and with basket of fries. It had an additional sauce and salad on the plate as well. It was good to taste at. However, i found the rest of the food item’s much much better than this.

Amritsari Kulche – As i am a punjabi myself, i must say that they have won my heart with this one. The Amritsari Kulche was mouth melting. Chana was served with Masaledar Kulche and Mukka Pyaaz inside Papad.

Arabian Falafel Rolls – The Arabian Falafel Rolls won my heart. I am surely coming back again for this one. The rolls/wraps were beautifully stuffed with veges and served with hummus and salad. I loved it. It tasted great. 

Four Cheese Pizza – The Four Cheese Pizza was great. The thin crust pizza which had four types of cheese on top.  It was a tricolour pizza and is a must try for all. 

Asparagus Risotto – The Risotto was great to taste. It was blended with cheese and served with garlic bread. I relished it a lot. 


(All the dessert item’s were beautifully curated and presented.)

After tasting so much food item’s which had taken up the space in the stomach, the desserts were left. My sweet tooth is always up for a dessert. Anyways, we were served three kinds of deseerts:-

Masala Chai Ice Cream – I have had many desserts in many places. But, this one, was excellent. It was literally like i am having Masala Chai.

Baked Gulab Jamun – It was presented nicely with Rose Caviar and ice cream. I loved this one.

Milky Way – The main dessert. The staff had made it in front of us. It comprised of raspberry mousse foam,  meringue, raspberry ice cream, white chocolate garnishing with some sweet and salty crumble and a dome shaped chocolate covered with some raspberry cream. This dessert was simply mouthwatering. it was also easy on stomach and not at all heavy. One MUST!MUST!MUST! try this out if you are here. This dessert did won my heart. 

Meal for two: 500-1500 approximate (Prices are subject to change due to macroeconomic factors such as inflation, etc)


• Fantabulous Ambiance.

• Courteous staffs.

• Reasonably priced food.

• Pure vegetarian Restaurant + Cafe.

• Quite Spacious and has large area for group booking and parties.

• Taken Vegetarian Food to the next level.

Special thanks to:

○ Kunal Gupta for helping us with our servings and hosting us in such a great way.

○ Sheikh Salman, Manager for managing the things and helping us with our mocktails.

○ Team of Nawwarah which includes staffs, stewards and chefs who served us and extended their hospitality towards us.


I will keep visiting Nawwarah again and again. I really liked the decor and how they have beautifully curated vegetarian items. This place surely will do for the lack of vegetarian places in the City of Joy. Loved the whole experience and shall be coming back for more. I am sure not much of people have noticed but they have PS4 as well. As i am a gamer myself, it is a paradise for me. Coming soon!!

Disclaimer: I was invited by Management of Nawwarah and the opinions shared are solely my own.

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