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Momo I Am – Relish your experience with some delicious momo’s

Location & Intro:

Momo I Am has been an old name in the city of joy. Whenever, i think about Momo I Am, the first thing which comes into my mind is their small jodhpur park outlet, a series of graffitis on the wall and pocket friendly prices at which momo’s, noodles and thukpas are served. Nonetheless, this outlet of Salt Lake was visited by me as a part of Blogger’s meet which was conducted by one of my friend here. It is located near Kalyan Jewellers. Take the left from City Centre 1 which goes towards Balle Balle Dhaba or Gold’s Gym Salt Lake.

Momo I Am have started expanding over their outlets in the City of Joy. I have just visited their Salt Lake outlet after my visit of Jodhpur Park outlet and i was in awe. The outlet is zillion times bigger than the Jodhpur Park one and has been decorated in such a mesmerizing way covering both the indoor as well as outdoor seating area. The graffiti again is worth stealing the show as well as their wall of fame. We were a group of 10-12 people who had sat down to try their food items. I usually don’t take pork so i skipped on that. They have both indoor and outdoor seating area as well as open kitchen (where you can see whether they are cooking food properly or not and whether hygiene, etc is being maintained or not). I am a Buddha lover too.

What i tried:


• Crispy Lotus Stem – This is the first time i tried the lotus stem. The stem was crispy and it tasted fine to me. Nothing very extraordinary.

• Chicken XO Dimsum – This was super tasty. It was silky smooth and melted in the mouth. Totally loved this one. 😀

• Prawn Hargao – This was again very nice. The prawn was properly mixed with the dimsum and it was just melting in the mouth. People who love prawn should go for this one for sure. 😀

• Shanghai Chilly Wantons – As the name suggests, it was quite spicy. However, despite i loath too much spice, this did satiate my palate. I loved on this one. If you are a spice lover, you surely would not think of giving it a miss here on your next visit.  :mrgreen:  😡

• Chicken Bao – To be really honest as to my Indian palate, i found the taste to be mixture of Bun, Kfc Crispy chicken and Jhal Muri Stuffings. Nonetheless, the Bao was served hot and was soft on the outside and crispy inside.  😀

• Grilled Asian Mushroom – This was again nice but not perhaps the best mushroom i have had. Decent enough to satiate your cravings.  🙂

• Chicken Hangover Momo – Did they just say hangover? So do they mean we must drink hard and get hangover and eat this stuffing? No. It’s just a fancy name nincompoop!!!  😎

• Momo i am Chicken Chopsuey – I totally loved this one. Fried egg sunny side up added to the chicken Chopsuey was a bliss. Kept on chewing it nom nom. The chopsuey was soft, crispy as well as piping hot.  😀  😉  😎

• Bangkok Street Noodle Soup – Ever wanted a complete meal with just one dish? this might be the perfect fir for you. A proper soup bowl consisting of coconut milk, chicken, noodles and more. Enough for a person.  😯  😀

• Drums of hell – I have had Drums of heaven but never heard about drums of hell. Why such a fancy name? I feel because of the spicy level. It is the spicier version of Drums of heaven. Nonetheless, tasted fine.  ❓  😀


• Cheese Cake – All in all after having such a heavy meal, the cheese cake was there to satiate my stomach.  😀

Special thanks:

• Krishanu Das for inviting me.

• Pravakar and the Team of Momo I Am for the courteous hospitality.

Price for two: 250-700 approximate (Prices are subject to change due to macroeconomic factors such as inflation, etc.)


• Vibrant and chic decor

• Hygiene is maintained

• Large seating capacity

• Good food quality

• Reasonably priced


The time spent here was good and i hope to come back soon again. The momo and bao experience have definitely been taken to a different level by Momo I Am


I was invited by the management of Momo I Am and the views expressed herein are solely my own. 

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