Mamamia – Ice Cream Tasting!


I had reviewed Mamamia New Alipore before. Today in the afternoon, out of nowhere, an unexpected surprise came. I just got a call saying ‘ i am from mamamia and i have come to deliver you something’. I was quite surprised that suddenly how come? Later on that guy came upstairs with a goodies of surprises. The box came with Zomato badge and booklet. The icecream sent by them was natural Nolen Gur Gelato – Seasonal Limited Edition Ice Cream. I received two containers each of 320 bucks. It will be available in 500 ml tub from their own parlours.

The packaging was great with dry ice below to keep it cool. The best part about their Ice cream is that it is delicious and of a great quality.
They regularly change their ice cream flavours, Sundaes and offers which makes the customer come again and again.

What i tried:

• Nolen Gur Gelato – The Gelato was super yummy. It is made with water, milk, date palm jaggery, liquid glucose and bit of sea salt (to balance the sweetness) and stabilisers/emulsifiers. The flavour was subtle and enjoyable. It was not way too sweet and that’s the reason why i relished it. Pieces of Nolen Gur Sandesh from a legendary sweet shop in Bengal are also infused along with it. No artificial flavour or color is added to the product.

Nolen Gur!!
Nolen Gur!!

Ice Cream Photography:

For the photography part and that smoky effect, they had sent these two containers in dry ice. I took some hot water and poured it on dry ice to create that smoky effect and then Click!Click!Click!.


Mamamia has been serving great ice creams since a long time. I love their Ballygunge and New Alipore Outlets. Both are great.

Disclaimer: I had been sent ice cream by the restaurant management in association with Zomato.