Love Room!

The Love Room – The FIRST PET CAFE in the City of Joy! 

Intro & Location:

The Love Room is a pet friendly cafe and belongs to one of my beloved friend.  I had visited this cafe yesterday with one of my close friend. The cafe’s logo was glowing red from the outside and is situated on the first floor. As soon as you climb the stairs, you suddenly feel lost into the pet’s. The music, the pets jumping around specially shih tzu and lhasa makes a person drool. The best part about the love room is that they have specific instructions on how to deal with the pets and have hand sanitizer in each and every table so as to keep it clean and hygienic as necessary. Another thing to be pointed out is that people can bring their pets but they have to keep them in the leash. The staffs are quite courteous and it’s quite a new cafe. The ambiance of the place has been kept simple and there is a special area for pets where the customers can just go inside and play around with all of them at once. There is a special store supplies love room which is coming soon so stay tuned!! Currently, they are focusing on Continental dishes. They will be incorporating Indian food soon.

There has been some fuss about this cafe being in Tollygunge but let me clear it out. This cafe is located in 36, Tollygunge Circular Road which is between the stretch of Mahabirtala and Hindustan Sweets. More precisely, near the Ganges Residency or the SBI (T.C. Road Branch).

What i had:-

• Avocado Shake – It was really good. I personally loved it. One could get the crushed avocado in the palate. Highly recommended. ✌✌

• Mix Sauce Pasta (Chicken) – The mix sauce pasta was really good. The portion size was enough for two. It was a little tangy and i have already given my feedback for improvement. The chicken was added enormously so that makes up for it. ✌✌

• Cheese Balls (Veg) – The presentation of this dish was excellent. However, it was a lot more crunchy and there must be some more cheese inside it. Overall, it was nice.

Pets you will find here:

• Lhasa Apso

• Shih Tzu

• Siberian Huskey (If you may be lucky enough, you might spot it)

• Irish Setter

• Golden Retriever

• Cocker Spaniel

• French Bulldog

• Pug

• Cross Breed of Lhasa and Shih Tzu 😛

Meal for two: 350-700


• First PET Cafe in the City of Joy 

• Hand Sanitizer on every table

• Have different breeds of pets

• Special Instruction menu card is there in every table so as to be careful with handling

• Owners can get their own pet but have to keep them on leash

• Simple yet quirky ambiance

• Menu is well designed and simplistic

• Courteous Staffs

• Pet Store Supplies – Coming Soon!!!


I surely shall be coming back for more as it is more like a home to me. I wish all the best for the owners and i hope they maintain the consistency and zeal as it’s quite required when you are running a PET Cafe. It’s a really fun place and i would highly recommend friend’s, couples (:P) and families to give it a visit. Being a pet owner myself, i am delighted with such an initiative. Pet pictures coming soon!!!  ❤ ❤

Disclaimer: The place belongs to a friend of mine. However, i visited their on my own with another friend of mine.

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Love room has launched it’s new menu. The new pictures are coming soon. The menu is attached here below:

The Love Room- New Menu