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La Fiesta Catering Services happens to be one of the quality catering company’s in Kolkata which is spearheaded by Mr. Sudipto Karmakar (an IIHM, Bhubaneshwar graduate). Mr. Sudipto holds many feathers in his cap and is quite a humble guy to speak to. Moreover, after having spoken to him for a while, I came to know that he has started this catering service from scratch (been around 6-7 years) and has been immensely curious to know the areas where he can improve even more and provide quality services to the patrons in the city of joy Kolkata. It has been his continuous endeavour to understand the best hospitality practices and try and inculcate it in his culinary venture. To know more about La Fiesta Catering Services, you can have a look here.


La Fiesta Catering Services caters to birthday parties, corporates, reception parties, weddings and even more. You can check out their website:

Nonetheless, I was invited by Mr. Sudipto himself to come and try the food at his catering service and let him know the overall experience.  I along with other foodies happen to visit one of his catering event at HRS Bhaban, Barrackpore. From beginning to the end, he explained to us very calmly how he tries to cater and strives to provide stellar quality food to the patrons. We listened to him quite patiently at each and every stage and then, did what we are good at doing. (Food! Food!! and Food!!!)

As the catering was done for quite a large number of people, they had properly organized and distributed the food. There was a separate Salad Counter, Non – Veg Counter, Kebab Counter, Veg Counter, Mocktail Counter, Momo Counter and even Dessert Counter. He had been supervising all the arrangements and being tight where it was necessary. I and my other foodie friends had an overall glance at the preparations and how things were being served.

Food & Beverages:


Strawberry Crush – It was extremely good and subtle. I loved it.

Roohofza Crush – It was just fine.

Mint Crush – It was extremely good and flavourful. It was mildly sweet.

Blue lagoon – It was mild and decent to taste.


They had a proper charcoal bed for live barbq of kebabs and even tandoors to grill.

Murgh Badami – It was quite delicious. I loved the preparation. The chicken was served quite hot.

Spring Roll – The spring roll was great to taste and crispy.

Mahi Fish Amritsari – It is one of my favourite starters at La Fiesta. It was melting in the mouth and absolutely loved the marination.

Chicken Momo’s – The momo’s were quite good and hot too.


Grilled fish in lemon butter sauce – I would highly recommend on this one. The bhetki fish is grilled in front of you and you can top the piping hot bhetki with lemon butter sauce as condiment.

Meat Balls in BBQ Sauce – It was just okay to taste.

Main Course:

Chicken Tikka Butter Masala – It was very good. I loved the preparation totally. It was a bit spicy and the gravy was quite delicious.

Dal Makhani – It is slow-cooked daal. It was great to taste as well. However, I expected it to be a bit thicker.

Mutton Biriyani – The biriyani rice, the aroma and the aloo were almost perfect. Albeit, I would have loved the biriyani even more if the mutton was more succulent and not stiff.

Kulcha – The kulcha’s were great to taste. It was a perfect kulcha.

Capsicum ka subj – It was great to taste. The flavours were prominent. Quite a good main course item for the vegetarians.


Jalebi – The Jalebi was quite good to taste and crispy. Jalebi lovers would surely fall for this one.

Baked Rasgulla – The Rasgulla was too good. It was quite tender. One thing I liked about the Rasgulla was that it was not way too sweet.

Makha Sandesh (Kiwi and Pineapple flavor) – I have had Makha Sandesh before. However, this time they have tried to innovate it by adding pineapple and kiwi flavours to it. It tasted quite good.

N2 Ice Cream – It has been preparing Ice Creams using the liquid nitrogen in the machine. Quite a delight to watch the whole process.

• N2 Ice Cream – Peanut Butter – The peanut butter was average. It was more of a savoury.

• N2 Ice Cream – Chocolate  – The chocolate ice cream was quite good. Though, I am not much of a chocolate person.

About Hospitality Services:

The staffs were properly dressed in uniform and had maintained their attire. Moreover, the cutleries were all stacked properly and kept clean. Also, the salad counter was a delight to look as they had decorated each and every salad quite nicely.

I loved their serving style. Kebabs and Starters were kept in circulation on hot Tawa like a plate which had a burner below to make sure it remained tender and hot for a long time. The staffs were quite well mannered and provided great hospitality to me as well as my other foodie friends.

Reach them at:

ADDRESS: 36/62, Jyotish Roy Road, Ajoy Nagar, Buroshibtalla, New Alipore, Kolkata, West Bengal 700053

PHONE: +91 96740 86314






I had a great time covering the catering event. It was one of a kind experience. I wish all the very best to La Fiesta Catering Services for the endeavours. Bon Appetit!


I was invited by La Fiesta Catering Services and views expressed are solely my own.

This post is written in collaboration with La Fiesta Catering Services.