La Fiesta Catering Services – Rajbari Experience.


I was invited here to Rajbari, Sovabazaar along with a couple of other bloggers for attending catering event by La Fiesta Catering Services. La Fiesta Catering Services focus on providing good food at reasonable rates to their beloved patrons. It is spearheaded by Mr. Sudipto Karmakar. Be it an occasion of marriage, reception, birthday,  corporate, conferences, anniversary, large group party or events, they can customize the catering services as per the requirements of their clientele.

When I had attended the one in Rajbari, the decorations of the place was grand and the catering was properly organized in the place. It was a mesmerizing treat to the eyes. The catering services had comprised of providing mocktails, starters, main course and then desserts. Each and every section was segregated properly so that the patrons can choose what they want to eat. La Fiesta Catering Services is one of the caterers which serves both in and near by North Kolkata as well as South Kolkata.

In case you’re looking to choose from top 10 caterers in Kolkata, especially for Bengali food, you might consider La Fiesta Catering Services. There might be a huge list of caterers but what makes La Fiesta stands apart from the usual caterers is the services and the kind of food they offer. They have been providing catering services in Kolkata since some time now.

When I attended this time, my experience was different here.

What all I tried:


Virgin Mojito – It tasted good and I totally relished it. The mint syrup helps in enhancing the flavour.

Coffee – The coffee from La Fiesta is worth a mention. Their coffee is quite good and stellar. I really enjoyed the flavor and gave me one of the best experience. Simple yet tasty.


Gandharaj Fried Chicken – The chicken was great to taste and tender.

Fish Ajwaini Tikka – It was melting in the mouth. I totally relished it. The marination was quite good.

Dahi Vada – The Dahi Vada was also quite great to taste.

Dahi Fuchka and Rava Fuchka – The Fuchka here is worth a mention. It was not like the usual Puchka’s. It was super crispy and tasty. A must try especially the dahi fuchka.

Grilled Fish in Lemon Butter Sauce – The Grilled fish in lemon butter sauce is a must try here from La Fiesta Catering Services. They serve you freshly grilled fish live in front of you. It tastes great with the sauce.

Main Course:

Dal Dumpukht – The Dal was good but not the best. It was thick and tasted fine.

Zafrani Pulao – The Zafrani Pulao was great to taste. The aroma was quite evident.

Murgh Badami – The Murgh Badami was good to taste as well.

Dum Ka Mutton – I found the taste a bit bland. Though it was properly dum cooked and the mutton was quite succulent otherwise.


Chocolate N2 Ice Cream – The Chocolate N2 Ice Cream was quite good and I enjoyed it more than the last time I had tried them in La Fiesta Catering Event at HRC Bhaban, Barrackpore.

Kesaria Jalebi – It was quite good. If you have a sweet tooth, you should not miss this.


This time, my overall experience was good. Right now, there are only a handful of caterers who provide the best catering services in Kolkata.

Reach them at:

ADDRESS: 36/62, Jyotish Roy Road, Ajoy Nagar, Buroshibtalla, New Alipore, Kolkata, West Bengal 700053

PHONE: +91 96740 86314





I was invited by La Fiesta Catering Services and views expressed are solely my own.

This post is written in collaboration with La Fiesta Catering Services.