Genuine Broaster Chicken

Genuine Broaster Chicken

Intro & Location:

First of all, I would like to thank Ramya Ramachandran for having me over. She had been handing the Public Relations of Genuine Broaster Chicken for Kolkata and had courteously hosted me by explaining me the idea of Broaster chicken.

The concept of Broaster Chicken finally arrives in the city of joy. It had it’s advent from U.S. What is broaster? Frying the chicken with the lid on so as to make the chicken less oily and properly cooked. In short, pressure fry. The first branch has been opened in Loudon Street Area and it will soon move to Salt Lake.

The a la carte as well as the ambiance is very random and quirky.

It is located at 3B, Loudon Street, Kolkata 700017. 


All the beverages were fantastically presented! 

• Chul Bul Soda – A fashioned name given to Masala coke. It tasted fine. There is a touch of roasted cumin to it.

• Bul Bul Soda – Orange flavoured soda with a touch of salted caramel. Now, that’s something I really like. It was unique and it satiated the palate really well.


• The Legendary – There was nothing legendary about it. It might work well in the U.S.A. But it was too bland for the palate of Kolkata. The portion size was also really small and the price was not worth the dish. It was with bone as well. It lacked flavour and was a disappointment to me.

• Happy Fried Chicken – It was a mix of lemon and cheese layer on boneless chicken strips. I personally enjoyed it and it was better than the one I had before. They were juicy and tender and I relished it.

• Hot Masala Chicken – It was boneless strips with a spicy touch. Personally, it was the best of the lot and I loved it.

These were served to me with three dips – Curry Mango Jalapeno, Harissa and Thai Sweet Chilli Dip. Thai Sweet Chilli and Harissa went hand in hand with these fried chickens.

Burger and More

• Peter Punjab – Chicken patty overfilled with sauces and stuffed inside a bun. Cheese and sauces were dripping over with every bite you take. It was tasting amazingly good. However, amount of sauces added should be less as it was taking away the flavour of the chicken patty.

• Cheesy Kheema Franchos – French fries with cheesy kheema on bottom and tossed up with sauces. It was a different dish. Chicken Kheema settled below was not tasting hand in hand with the French fries. If served separately with a bowl of rice, it would be a hit. Although, the fries were crispy and yummy.

• Non Veg Ghotala – It was the main course which had finally been served on my table after tummy filling appetizers. It comprised of boneless lamb chunks, chicken keema and fried egg strips and rice. It was yummy and tasted awesome. It was served with papadoms on top. I loved this dish.


• Chocolate Samosa with Mango Ice Cream – A lovely end to the meal. It was tasting amazing specially by dipping it in mango ice cream and having it.


• Good food at reasonable price

• Ambiance is chic

• Menu is very random


• The legendary chicken for which it’s famous may not be enjoyed by the people of kolkata. I personally found it too bland for my palate. Hope they come up with some better alternative for this one.


I shall surely visit it again in future with my friends. It is a new concept which might tantalize the food lovers. 

Disclaimer: I was invited here by Ramya Ramachandran who is associated with Genuine Broaster Chicken.

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