Genuine Broaster Chicken Kolkata!

Genuine Broaster Chicken – Expanding it’s market in Kolkata! 

Location & Intro:

Genuine Broaster Chicken is located in Salt Lake Sector 5. It is located very near to Kareem’s, Kolkata. The full address is PS Srijan Corporate Park, Near RDB Cinema, Block EP & GP, Sector 5, Salt Lake.

I had been invited here by Ramya Ramachandran, who is looking after Public Relations of the whole of Genuine Broaster Chicken and is also a dear friend of mine. They started of their first outlet in Loudon Street and now, this is another outlet which has opened in doors in Salt Lake. The concept of Broaster as understood to me is like frying the chicken with the lid on. In other words, pressure fry. It is said to use 50 percent less of oil and retains moisture in the Chicken. I was invited to the Loudon Street one before as well. However, i find the ambiance at the Salt Lake one more quirky and is quite spacious. It has a bigger menu as well. There is a mezzanine floor which makes it ground + 1. The ambiance is chic here and the music is lovely keeping in mind the young crowd!!



What i tried:


• Chul Bul Soda – A fancy name of Masala coke. It is fizzy and tasty.!!!

• Bul Bul Soda – If you are choosing between Chul Bul and Bul Bul, go for Bul Bul. Though Chul Bul isn’t bad but Bul Bul is better. Orange flavoured soda with a touch of salted caramel. #purebliss 

Palang Tod  – Haha. The name seems to make people smile. Is this a drink?? Are you kidding me?? Such questions might be cropping up in your mind. Yes, this is also a beverage. A mix of espresso and redbull. Loads of caffeine in a glass. This drink will surely make you go insomnia. Jokes apart. If you are looking for long hours of work/reading with no sleep, this is the right drink for you! 

• Coconut Fudge – It was a kind of Milk Shake which was super yummy to taste. 

• Tarbuj Cola – I did not like it much as watermelon syrup was taking up the flavour of the coke. I have tried watermelon mojito before and it tastes more or less similar leaving aside the flavour from the mint leaves.

Chul Bul Bul Bul and Coconut Fudge
Palang Tod


• Happy Fried Chicken –I enjoyed it and found it better than the legendary. They were juicy and tender and I relished it. 
• Hot Masala Chicken – It was cripsy and crunchy. Boneless chicken strips with a tinge of spice. 

• There was even other chicken pieces (thighs, etc) in which few pieces were quite salty.  Genuine Broaster Chicken tasted a bit bland to my liking. Probably, that’s how people enjoy in the USA.

It constitutes the Chicken Platter.

These were served to me with three dips – Curry Mango, Cheesy Jalapeno and Thai sweet Chilli Dip. Curry Mango was tangy and a tinge of sweetness was there. Cheesy Jalapeno was excellent and so was the Thai Sweet Chilli Dip.


• Lamb Rogan Josh – The red color burger (the color is due to raspberry extract) beautiful to look at and decent to taste at. I found the lamb to be a bit stiff and it can be improvised. It can be softer and tastier. 

Lamb Rogan Rosh Burger

• Palak Paneer Burger – It is excellent to taste. I loved it more than the Lamb Rogan Josh burger. 

Palak Paneer Burger

Main Course:

• Firangi Palak Chicken Dip with Garlic Bread – They did a lot with this dish. Chicken cooked with three layer of cheese. It is super good to taste, super creamy and is great to be enjoyed with Garlic Bread! The outer layer is oven baked to give that crispiness and the brown layering on the top. 

Firangi Palak Chicken Dip

• Ghotala Biriyani – Arabiatta and Schezuan – Both tasted decent to me. Totally worth the bucks! 



• Gulkand Muffin – Well, yes, there is a story of this muffin. On my first visit @ Genuine Broaster Chicken in Loudon Street, i was said to try the Gulkand Muffin. I did so at the Salt Lake outlet. I do take feedbacks seriously.  The muffin was good. However, the amount of Gulkand added to it was okay. They could have been more generous with it. However, it was super tasty.

Gulkand Muffin

Special thanks:

Ramya Ramachandran for inviting me over. I really had a great time.

Samyamay Sanyal, Chef for beautifully hosting us.

○ Team of Broaster Chicken and Owner Mazhar for extending hospitality.

Price for two: 250-500 approximate (Prices are subject to change due to macroeconomic factors such as inflation, etc.)


• Reasonably priced.

• Ambiance is chic and quirky.

• I love the vibrancy in the A la Carte. One will surely go through it twice. It’s somehow catchy.

• Quite Spacious.

• A large amount of items to offer.


I had a good time at Genuine Broaster Chicken, Salt Lake. I would love to come back again and try other delicious food items.


I was invited by the management of The Genuine Broaster Chicken and the views expressed herein are solely my own. 

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