Gabbars Bar & Kitchen!  – What a great depiction of molecular gastronomy. 

Intro & Location:

I had held a blogger’s meet here and invited a couple of Food Bloggers. The decor is quite chic and modern. I was quite impressed and mesmerised by the Ambiance. The lights and the wall paintings was quite soothing to look at. It is made in the Desi way with quotes written like ‘jo dar gaya so mar gaya’, ‘nayak nahi khalnayak hu main’ ‘mogambo khush hua’ and so on and so forth. The items which were being served to us were left as a surprise to us till the time we visited there.

I also observed that all the staffs are quite humble and courteous in their service.

We were a group of 10 – 12 bloggers who had come on board to taste the delicacies prepared by Gabbar’s.

What we tried:

Each items were coming on our table one by one. We started off with:


• Espresso Sangria – It was Espresso mixed with Sangria. I personally found it to be too subtle to taste. This particular concoction looked really beautiful but surely can be worked on.

• Lime Margarita with Orange Iced Lolly (Ab Gola Kha) – It was like Strike! Smash! Sip! A beautiful presentation by the Team Gabbars. I really liked the way they presented the whole cocktail. The taste was really good as well.

• Bollywood Bhang – The Bollywood bhang was thandai mixed with little bit of rum and not cannabis. 😛

Other Appetizers, Dishes and Dessert Served:

• Amuse Buche – Amuse Bouche @ Gabbars – An amuse-bouche is a single, bite-sized hors d’œuvre (a small savoury dish, typically one served as an appetizer.) Amuse-bouches are different from appetizers in that they are not ordered from a menu by patrons, but are served gratis (without charge) and according to the chef’s selection alone. The Gabbars one had pomegranate, bhujia, Coriander foam and potato.

• Jalebi Bai – It was the Indian Sweet which was served along with Kheer. Again, a touch of molecular gastronomy to it which made the presentation be like ‘Wow’.

• Papdi Chaat V 2.0 – The papdi chaat was presented in a great way with touch of molecular gastronomy. The papdi’s were absolutely fresh and the chat was served absolutely cold which made the veges and aloo melt in the mouth and the papdi’s crunch.

• Khowsuey Mela – It was the usual burmese khowsuey soup presented with the small ferris wheel like structure which was holding the vegetables. Add as per your choice. The khowsuey has caught up the market and is being served everywhere. It was perfectly mixed with coconut milk and served. 

Chicken Minced with Egg on Top – Served with Bun – I liked the preparation of it. Tasted Great.

• Chicken Potli Kebab – The Chicken Potli Kebab was presented in an impressive way. The taste was also great. The pieces of chicken were tender and falling off the bone. It was really juicy and satiated my palate quite well.

• Gabbar Ghotala – It was minced meat served with butter pao’s. I liked it. Though, i am not an ardent lover of mutton, this one was great to taste.

• Jangal Mei Mangal- This is a black Forest cake topped up with cherries and chocolate sauce. It was crunchy as well as soft. Most importantly, it was just melting in the mouth. I loved on this one.

• Molecular Paan – The Paan was also served in edible plastic sheet. The overall paan was not way too big but just as a dessert, it just melted in the mouth. I really loved it.


• Great Ambiance.

• Courteous Staffs.

• Service was fast.

• A depiction of molecular gastronomy in the food presentation definitely makes the presentation excellent.

• Food quality was great.

Meal for two: 750-1500 approximate

Expert Suggestions:

• Espresso Sangria needs to be worked upon.

Special Thank to:

• Harsh Sonthalia, Owner, Gabbar’s – For extending hospitality and helping us with insight into which dish to order and more.

• Shaizad. Manager, Gabbar’s for being courteous and managing the whole meet.

• Team of Gabbar’s which includes all the staffs who had worked quite hard and helped us making our meet memorable.


I will definitely revisit Gabbar’s again and would wish them best luck for the future!! I really had a great time here. I could not try few dishes as i was totally full. However, during my next visit, i will try the rest few. 🙂

Disclaimer: I was invited by the management of Gabbars and the view’s expressed are solely my own. 

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