Enchanted Garden

Enchanted Garden – Sophisticated Event!


Enchanted Garden was an event which was held by F.U.S.S. at P.C. Chandra Gardens. This event was a concoction of Food and Fashion. There were lifestyle staffs as well as pop up food stalls which included many desserts stall as well. As i am an ardent lover of food, i made a visit here. The price for entrance was Rs. 100. When i entered P.C. Chandra Gardens at around 12 in the afternoon, it was really very difficult to find a parking out here. Anyways, whatever it was, i somehow managed to park my car outside and visited the event. As soon as i entered the event, i could hear good music and was just crossing by lifestyle and fashion stalls. There were many famous brands who had come on board for this event. However, i went to my department i.e. food.

Even Dineout was a part of this event and somehow i started scrolling up the different food stalls. There was Little Pleasures, Kaos, Mrs. Magpie, Pure Haus, Aqua Java, Batcaves Gourmet Popcorn, We Desi, Paprika, Smash street, Keventers, Flavour Box, Rainbow Organic and few more. This was really a happening event.

What i tried:

• I took Sheesha from Aqua Java. The flavor was playboy. They charged me 500 bucks for it. Tasted nice. Price was as per event standards.

IMG_20161218_135245 IMG_20161218_134702

• Mongolian Chowmien – It was served smoky hot to me. My sister got this for me from an outlet. In one word, lipsmacker. It was perfectly oily and not way too oily. It had zucchini, broccoli and bell peppers.


• Kaos Special Bagel with cream cheese- It was quite sweet of them to hand me over a bagel to try their gourmet items. Thank you Kaos Gourmet for the wonderful bagel. The bagel was quite flavorful. Would revisit their outlet soon.

IMG_20161218_143736 IMG_20161218_143610

• I had some wonderful cupcakes peanut butter and marsh mallow from Mrs. Magpie. They looked cute and tasted great as well. Both were just melting in the mouth.


• Some Potato Twirlies. The food stall charged me 100 bucks for it.  The name slipped out of my mind. It was not coming out of that stick and sticking to the stick really badly. Not worth it.


• Some Rebeet juice from Pure Hauz. Tasted fine. It is purely vegan, glutten free and dairy free juice.


• Some Lemon Cake from Little pleasures. It was great. It was soft and flavourful.



It was indeed a wonderful event. I shall attend it the next year too if it happens. I had a lovely time with a friend of mine here. Special thanks to Dineout for inviting me over. It was a pleasure.

DISCLAIMER: The opinions stated here are purely my own.