Eagle Boys Kolkata

Eagle Boys Kolkata – A unique experience with pizza’s. 

This was my first time at eagle boys and I must say that their pizza’s are quite unique when compare to pizza hut or dominos. It is quite a renowned brand and I visited it recently when one of my friend J invited me here. The place is quite spacious and I somehow enjoy the concept of fast food and pay and eat service. The ambiance was decent enough and it had a seating capacity of 30-35 people. You can view their page here.

They have decorated the walls quite nicely with quotations and all. They have a menu pamphlet and also, the menu is displayed in front of the pay and eat counter. The staffs are quite courteous here and the hospitality is decent. Nonetheless, coming to the food. What makes their pizza different from other outlets? The pizza dough is super soft and makes it easier to chew. The portion size is also bigger as compared to thin crust pizza. I personally love thin crust pizza but not everyone enjoys thin crust pizza too.

What i liked:

I came here to try the new menu launch items.

My personal picks out of what I tried would be:
1) Chicken French Fries – 12 pieces of chicken fingers at INR 140. I somewhat liked it.

2) Schezwan Chicken Pizza 🍕 – This was extremely delicious and I loved it. The chicken taste was great.

3) Chicken Pepperoni Pizza 🍕 – This was also good. However, I would prefer former than latter when given a choice. I don’t like cold cut meats much.

4) Paneer Makhani Pizza 🍕 – This is a must try for vegetarians and Paneer lovers out there. It is extremely tasty.


• Decent seating capacity.

• Courteous Staffs.

• Hygiene is well maintained.

• Prices are not rocket high.

Expert Suggestions:

• I feel that they can work on the taste of their chicken burgers and introduce more pizza variations with no cold cuts meat as such.  It would also be better in my knowledge to use less of processed items.


Overall, my experience was good. I enjoyed the hospitality and the service here. Unbiased review based on my eating experience. I would like to thank the management of EAGLE BOYS PIZZA to serve us with love.

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