Dugout!: The place to be!!

Intro & Location:

Dugout has been my personal favorite since quite a long time. I had visited it on 13th August, 2016. One of my friend had come from Pune for a weekend and we decided to hit this place late in the night. At night, the ambiance of this place is totally different compared to the usual day times. The best part is the EDM which they play. Be it the service or the hospitality, they are really good at it. All the staffs as well as manager is quite down to earth which does make me keep coming back again. Nevertheless, we were four people and as it was jam packed, we were made to sit in the party section inside (1st Floor). However, after sometime, we somehow managed to get a seat in the main section on the 1nd Floor. We were a little high and EDM was an icing on the cake. I really like the glowing red football curved design on the ceiling which adds to the overall look of the place. They have a large projector screen with a PS4 to satiate our gaming experience.

Dugout is located at Sarat Bose Road. While travelling towards Samilton Hotel from Jai Hind Dhaba, you move a little forward. There’s where you discover this place.

What we had:

• Teen Paan Rose with Milk Base – God! This was insane. Full of flavor. Smoky. Lasted Long. It didn’t even give us trouble of choke.

• Potato Wedges – The potato wedges were nice and were served quite well with cheese dip.

The service was really very quick.

Magic Moments: 

One of my friend name Debjit Chaudhuri is a quite a popular magician. His page on youtube is: Guide to street magic. Suddenly out of nowhere, one of his fan who was sitting beside us started asking about him and appreciating how well a magician he is. Naturally, he got wooed. Hence, we forced him to show a magic to the fan as well as the Dugout Manager and Staffs. One of the video is uploaded below so that one can enjoy the magic moments too. 


• Amazing hospitality

• Amazing ambiance

• Good vegetarian food

• Projector screen + ps4

• Has a party section as well as a peaceful section(ground floor)

• Reasonably priced


I always have great experiences here. This place feels like home to me. Cheers to Team DUGOUT! 


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