Dilnawaz Biriyani Center! – Chicken Biriyani at Just INR 70

Introduction & Location:

This particular place is not yet listed in Zomato and i had been travelling through Deshpran Shasmal Road for medicines, paying bills and more. This biriyani center is located near Charu Market Thana, Deshpran Shasmal Road, Kolkata.

I had been off blogging for sometime now due to personal reasons and good food sometimes is the reason which lifts your mood up especially good steaming Chicken Biriyani.  Nonetheless, this place is nothing fancy and quite a small place with just two tables. The ambiance is not at all great but what is attractive is the price at which they are serving Biriyani and Champ. The Biriyani is precooked and kept in the handi. Mostly customers do takeaways. Though, i chose to sit here.

What i tried:

Chicken Biriyani – The Biriyani was excellent. For INR 70, i can’t even expect more. It was served absolutely hot to me. The aloo was perfectly cooked, the rice was flavourful and the chicken piece was quite succulent. 🙂

Chicken Chaap – The chaap was fine but the gravy was just okay. It was served cold to me. I told them to heat but they said it won’t be possible. It costed me INR 50.  😐

Overall Experience:

What i feel is that there have been lot of outlets opening up in the city of joy and charging higher prices for the Biriyani but providing inferior quality as well as taste. This place seems to be providing decent quality Chicken Biriyani at pocket friendly price. I would recommend takeaway from here.  🙂

Unbiased review based on my eating experience.