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DesiKlub – Chill around with some great mocktails and sheesha!

Intro & Location:

I had recently been to DesiKlub as i was invited there as a blogger to try out their food. The ambiance is quite nice, dim lit and is specially meant to cater the youngsters. The sofa seatings is quite nice and comfortable with vibrant colors added to the seating. Also, some vinyl records are hung on the wall which is quite unconventional and adding to the whole get up of the place.

I was there for quite some time to try out the different mocktails, food items and dessert. They have recently introduced the Sheesha as well. If you want to have a good laugh, don’t forget to check out the Rules they have!  😀

DesiKlub is located at Park Street in the Magma House building first floor. It is just located opposite SpiceKlub.

Combo Offers:

Note: The Combo offers are subject to change as per the Management’s discretion.

What i tried:

Cutting Chai:

I don’t know why but i just felt like trying out the Mumbai Style cutting chai out here. I really loved the tea and would surely recommend this one. The flavour of tea was perfectly balanced and it was served hot.


I was served three types of mocktails:-

Raspberry Rose – The presentation of the drink was great. The whipped cream on top was an icing on the cake. However, the whole shake was a bit more sweet than usual. I have already passed on the feedback to the management to make sure that a perfect concoction of the drink is maintained.

Paan Pasand – The paan drink was really great. If you are a paan lover, you surely cannot miss on this one. The flavour of the paan is prominent in the drink and as you sip it, it satiates your palate really well.

Choco Bar – Probably, one of the only chocolate shakes which made me fall in love with it. The reason was that choco bar shake was perfectly balanced and i really enjoyed it. It was presented with a chocobar inside. I sipped some shake and took a bite of chocobar – crunch and ohwow! it was delicious.  😎

Food (Pure Vegetarian) :

Chinese Bhel – The Chinese Bhel was really good and omnomnomnom. The vegetables added to the bhel were perfectly blended and tasted great. I would recommend to try out this dish.

Paneer Satay – The usual cottage cheese marinated with traditional indian spices and served along with peanut sauce. The masala’s added to the paneer were more than required and was not actually adding to the taste much. The peanut sauce should have been thinned out. Nonetheless, the dish tasted fine.

Papad Bhel – The papad bhel just tasted fine. It was crunchy but i would prefer Chinese Bhel over this one.

• Two Cheese Chilli Toast – There were two variations to the chilli cheese toast. Both tasted fine. However, if the toast could have been a little more crunchy, it would have been much better.

 Desi Ishtyle Pasta– It was more like macaroni tossed in makhani gravy. It was presented nicely with garlic bread as accompaniments and was served absolutely hot. I liked the taste but i feel that the taste can surely be enhanced much more.

Paneer Tiika Biriyani – The biriyani was nice and tasted good. It was topped with some fried onions and cashew nut.  If people like cottage cheese, they can surely give it a try. It was not like the usual biriyani but more of a fusion.


• Mukhwas comprised of Paan Jelly, Thandai and Paan Cheese Cake  –  The paan cheese cake tasted fine. The paan jelly was a surprise and tasted great. The thandai was sheer love.

I also took some teen paan sheesha to just chill. The sheesha was smoky and lasted long.

Also, they have board games in case you want to relax and spend some time playing with friends or family!

Price for two: 300-700 (Prices are subject to change due to macroeconomic factors such as inflation, etc.)

*Approximate Price mentioned above is exclusive of Sheesha

Expert Suggestions:

• Some of the items were unavailable in the menu. I have already passed on the feedback to the management about it.

• Keep up the food consistency.

Special Thanks:

• Parth Rastogi to invite me over here and the management of DesiKlub for extending hospitality.


• Good ambiance.

• Large seating capacity.

• Good hospitality.

•  Presentation of all the dishes were great.


I had a decent time here and hope to come back soon again! However, the place needs to improve with respect to the food quality and the reason why i gave it good rating on Zomato is because of the hospitality extended. I hope they improve over time and wish them all the very best in the future endeavours. 😎


I was invited by the management of DesiKlub and the views expressed herein are solely my own.

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