Well, I had been thinking to write this post about my favorite combos in the city of joy for quite some time now. If you are looking to try combos in Kolkata, you have come to the right place.  As the list cannot be exhaustive, I am mentioning the top three combo food to try in Kolkata in 2019 which I love.

According to what I understood from my experience, Combo Food is basically a combination of the main course and a side dish with a lesser quantity for one individual.

For example – If a single person goes to dine into a fine dining Indo-Chinese restaurant, it would be difficult for that person to finish one side dish (say chilli chicken 8 pcs) and one main course dish (say full plate chicken fried rice) unless someone is a hulk like me (Just Kidding 😆 ). Hence, what the hotel/restaurants/foodjoints do for one person is that they make combo meals like 2 pcs/4pcs of chili chicken with a portion of rice/chow.

Source: Google Dictionary

Combo in Kolkata are usually cheaper and pocket-friendly, as compared to eating full dishes and that, does solve the purpose of a person who is an individual and does not want to order more food or waste excessive food.

I am not mentioning the KFC’s/McDonald’s/Domino’s/BurgerKing/Subway here as the majority of the people must have tried them and already know about it. Below are some of my favorite combos which you must try:

1)  Bachan’s Dhaba – Combo for one – Current Cost INR 165 ONLY – Half Egg Tadka, Chicken Reshmi Butter Masala (2 pcs) and Roomali Roti – This combo is available from Swiggy. You can even order via Zomato or call them in case. Whoever stays in and around Rashbehari, New Alipore or nearby areas can give it a try for sure. The whole combo is lip-smacking delicious especially the Chicken and the Reshmi Butter Masala Gravy. However, one thing to mention about their combo is that they could reduce at least one roomali roti and add something else in place of that. You can contact them here.  P.S. They should reduce their oil in egg tadka a bit too.

2)  The Combo Co. – Current Cost INR 220 Only – The Combo Co. serves quality combos in the city of joy Kolkata. I have tried many varieties of combo’s from there and one of my favourite is the Butter Chicken and Lacha Paratha Combo which comes for around INR 220 Bucks. The Lacha paratha can be replaced with Jeera Rice or Roomali Roti.  The quantity of butter chicken is adequate. They deliver from Chowringhee area and if your house is nearby, you can surely give them your order via Swiggy. Their quality is great and it’s worth a mention. It is eally really lip-smacking delicious and quality food. They have around 50-60 varieties of combo’s which you can try it from them. Touchwood, till date whatever I have eaten from them, the quality have not been compromised a bit. You can reach them out here. I also relish the thai green curry chicken with rice combo from here. It costs INR 220 bucks as well.

They even have healthy options for people who are health conscious. One can even get brown rice just by adding 10 rupees more to their order. (INR 230) Also, you can add “add ons” to your order just by adding more 20 rupees such as salad, achaar, cheese, egg, roasted peanut, kimchi, etc.

3) Hanglaatherium Biriyani Chaap Combo – Current Cost INR 220 to 230 – If you are having a lot of hunger pangs or you are an ardent lover of Chicken Biriyani like me, close your eyes and order it now. They operate from near the lake gardens area. You can either order it from them directly or via Swiggy. What I really love about their combo is that their biriyani is well balanced, the chicken is super tender and the portion size is HUGE! I totally love their Chicken Chaap too which is not very oily and super tasty. I have already spoken about them in many of my posts. The combo comprises of 1 Pc Chicken of Biriyani, Biriyani, Aloo, Raita, Kacha Lonka, Pyaaz Salad and 1 pc Chicken Chaap. You can text them here on their page.

Please comment below your favorite combos below. Please don’t crib if you can’t find your favorite combo here. 😆 I chose these combos as my favorite picks as I feel that they will not compromise on their quality whatsoever. I further also want my friends to enjoy good quality food at the best price possible. Do let me know if you tried these particular combos and liked it. <3

Thank you so much for your time 🙏.

Buon Appetito! <3