The Chaiwala – Customer Friendly concept 

Location & Intro:

The Chaiwala is situated in Graham’s Land, Tollygunge. When i first heard Graham’s land, i was surprised to have been passing by tollygunge and never came across this lane or say, such fancy name. It is not at all difficult to locate. If you are coming from Rabindra Sarobar Metro side, head straight towards Tollygunge, cross the mahanayak uttam kumar metro and while just entering the road which goes to Malancha Cinema, on the right side there is silver screen eatery. Just keep moving and just after crossing silver screen, on the left hand side there is a small lane by the name of Graham’s Land. Gosh!. That’s where you find the chaiwala on the left after leaving 2 – 3 buildings.

I had this place on my wish list since quite a long time. I finally managed to visit this. It was all hurly burly going on inside. I managed to get a seat here. It was all lively and cheerful with soft music making all the talks sound pleasing in the head. Nevertheless, as soon as i took my seat, i began scrolling the A la carte. Then on, a dear friend of mine joined in at the table. It was nicely designed and prices were kept reasonable. The best part was the prices were “Inclusive of Taxes” and each dishes were reasonably priced.

What we ordered:

• Chaiwala Special – Chai was served in Matka with two toast. It was funny to have the same type of tea you usually have on Roadsides inside the Cafe. But nevertheless, it tasted good and the toasts were crispy as it should be. 

Chaiwala Special
Chaiwala Special

• Vanilla Ice Tea – It was ordered by my friend. It was sweet and nice too. The vanilla flavour was perfectly adding to the palate. However, i personally felt that they could improve on the presentation for this particular drink. It was too bland to my liking. 

Vanilla Ice tea
Vanilla Ice tea


• Chicken Grill Burger – The burger was served with fries. The bun could have been of a better quality. The chicken inside was perfectly grilled and was served with cheese and lettuce. I personally enjoyed on this one. The fries were crispy as i was expecting them to be. The dish was served with usual ketchup which was an icing on the cake. 

Chicken Grill Burger
Chicken Grill Burger

• Chicken Sausage Crunchy – The chicken sausages were marinated with the masalas and chilli flakes and served sliced on top of crispy round bun like bread. It was nice but the sausage was not tasting like sausage . They could have done a lot more innovations on this one at least. 

Chicken Sausage Crunchy!
Chicken Sausage Crunchy!


• Food is reasonably priced and the best part is that the price is inclusive of taxes!!
• Customer Friendly Staffs
• Fast Service and Hot Food served instantly in couple of minutes
• Quirky Ambiance and A la carte (I really liked the salt and pepper stand. I am happy that just like other cafes they are not following the crowd)
• Nice presentation done with respect to drinks and food items

Salt Pepper Stand
Salt Pepper Stand

Expert Suggestions:

• Need to improve on the presentation of few dishes.
• Need to work on improving the taste of the crunchy chicken sausage.


I might revisit this again for the customer friendly service and the reasonably priced food which was served hot to me. Kolkata definitely needed places like this.  


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