Bombay Brasserie!

Bombay Brasserie, Quest Mall – A decent experience with the Canteen Menu Launch!

Intro & Location:

Bombay Brasserie is situated in the quest mall right beside ‘The Irish House’ Pub. I had got a chance to visit this as i was invited to the blogger’s meet here. We were invited to try out their canteen menu launch which involved picking up various items from different universities in different regions in India, analysing what makes them unique and presenting them in front of us in canteen style. The ambiance of the restaurant is great and the service staffs are quite fast in serving the food. They have indoor and outdoor seating as well, open kitchen and bar area. We were presented everything for the Canteen Style Menu. After we adored the ambiance, smiled looking at each other (giggling) and finished with clicking the pictures, we all sat for the food. They tried to bring the nostalgia memories with this and definitely did it when i reached the end of the meal.

What we tried:

Starter, Soup and Snacks:

Chicken Soup (Murgh Badami in Mumbai Concept) – Presented like cutting chai. It was chicken blended with almond paste and a dash of peanuts. People all over facebook thought it was chai and it is really difficult to identify whether it’s chai or whether its chicken soup.  Looks are deceptive. Nevertheless, tasted really good. Loved it.

Chicken soup

○ Bombay Mix Dry Bhel – It was just fine. I don’t think they should have included this in the canteen menu. Just imagine eating jhal muri in a posh restaurant in quest mall. Though presented nicely with Onion, Coriander, Chilli and Lemon.  

Jhal Muri

Chicken Rumali Roll – The well cooked Chicken pieces placed inside the rumali roti and cut in small wrap like structures. I really loved this one. A lovely stuff to try on. 

Chicken Roomali Roll

Paneer Rumali Roll – The Paneer was as good as the Chicken Roll. I really loved this one too. This was also presented like Chicken Roll.

Paneer Rumali Roll

Bombay Vada Pao – The Vada Pao was just bland. It was too dry. No dhania no mirchi in the Vada Pao. The bun was chewy. I don’t know but this really shocked me.

Vada Paw

○ Rawa Fish Fry – The Rawa Fish Fry was excellent. The basa fish was marinated and coated properly and tasted good. However, it must be accompanied with some sauce or some kind of dressing.  They even serve Rawa fry mushroom but i just tried the fish.

Rawa Fish Fry

Punjabi Pakode – It reminded me of my ghar ke pakode which my mom cooks and i always chose and omit up the chilli one. The pakode’s are coated with besan. They served us aloo, mirchi aur pyaaz ke pakode. I tried the aloo one and it was just fine. 

Punjabi Pakode

Aloo Kheema Tikki – It was good. Round like aloo tikki tasted fine. Decent snack for the vegetarians. 

Aloo Tikki

Main Course:

Prawn Biriyani – It tasted different and is a part of goan cuisine. Tasted fine. However, i am an ardent lover of Chicken Biriyani of Kolkata. Nothing can beat the taste of it for me. 

Prawn Biryani

Subz Panchmal – The subz panchmal was good. However, it can be improved a lot more. 

Mix Veg

Patile Wale Chole – Ye ghar ke chole Bombay Brasserie me kaha se aye (How did this chole which is cooked at my house travelled to Bombay Brasserie). I found it good. Tasted lovely. Ma ki yaad aa gayi (reminiscing of my mother’s culinary skills with punjabi food).  


Dal Makhni – The Dal Makhni was creamy and tasted good. 


Balbir Singh Special Chicken – The chicken was good. The greavy was creamy and tasted great as well. Though, i really wish it to be boneless.



Chocobar, Trifle pudding and Gulab Jamun – They were serving Amul’s Chocobar. It did remind me of my childhood days. Loved it. The trifle pudding was excellent and so was the gulab jamun. The gulab jamun was absolutely hot and tasty.

Dessert !!


○ Great Ambiance.

○ Super fast service.

○ Decent Food.

○ Good Quantity of Food.

○ Spacious and large seating area.

Meal for two: The Canteen menu is for 695 (all inclusive taxes) and 762 (all inclusive taxes). Prices are subject to change due to macroeconomic factors such as inflation, etc.


It was a decent experience here. I would love to try out their other food items which are served from their a la carte. The canteen style concept is nice but needs some scope of improvement.