What all you need to know if you want to start Blogging


Well, these days it’s a TREND to be a blogger. I am a Restaurant Blogger (mostly), my content today will be near about FOOD itself. A lot of NEWBIES have added me on Facebook claiming themselves as ‘FOOD BLOGGERS’ with no blog content in either Facebook blog page/wordpress/blogspot/website, etc. This article is especially for YOU ALL. You are not a FOOD BLOGGER if you are just a mere reviewer on Zomato or have handful of followers on Instagram/Twitter (Just like you are not a CHEF if you can cook variety of items at home). Unless and until, you don’t have some CONTENT on your personal blog space (Facebook Blog Page/Wordpress Page/Blogspot Page/Own Website etc.), please REFRAIN from using this term. In case, you guys have any questions (relevant ones), feel free to throw at my new community – FOODQUORA (Facebook Link). Also, read the rules before posting anything there.

So the information I am going to share is from my 5 years of reviewing on Zomato and 2 years of writing on my own website. However, most importantly, every blogger has to have ‘CONTENT’. What makes them stand out in the field is the ‘NICHE CONTENT’. If you are new to it and want to know what is niche, Niche actually means what’s the USP you have which no other person has and will help you stand out in the market.  In literal terms, it means creating your own personal space in the market. Good luck finding one!

In my opinion, Blogging seem to cover a wider Umbrella than Reviewing. With Blogging, you are generating traffic to your own page which in turn makes you understand the importance of credibility and it comes with greater sense of responsibility. Blogging is not just covering reviewing but also, sharing personal experiences, adding friend’s experiences or even doing paid promotions (For Few Bloggers) (Sometimes pun intended too). It is also about showcasing the best food at the best place. Event invitations are also a part of blogging to showcase ‘New Menu Launches, Festivals and the list goes on’. With blogging comes great responsibility.

Blogging is a subjective term and it depends on person to person. However, every blogger have to have CONTENT. There are some bloggers who don’t charge money at all. One such blogger I know goes to a restaurant, eat anonymously, uploads the bill and write a genuine review about the food he ate. These bloggers are highly reputed and their taste is always respected by the patrons. The reason why they don’t charge seem to me like a personal preference. To some, it is about showcasing the best food in the world and learning from experiences of the people around them. As the information present in this era is not exhaustive, why not take some learning from everyone around you (Chef, Stewards, Staffs, Management, and Owners etc.). To some, it is more about going to festivals and new menu launches by personal invitation and writing about their escapades.

However, there are some bloggers who do charge money. Nothing wrong about that either as everyone here has come to earn some bucks and satiate their belly. In today’s era, Nothing comes for …. (I am sure you can complete it)

Reviewing is more of a casual thing and usually brief than blogs. You go to a new restaurant, eat good food with friends, and upload pictures and reviews on Google Reviews/LBB/TripAdvisor/Zomato and tada! You’re done.


As I said earlier, blogger needs to have a CONTENT. Influencing can be done in variety of ways such as contesting, advertising and much more. Influencing is more about satiating the client’s requirements. However, whoever wants to be a “Good” influencer should refrain from influencing places which are really NOT GOOD. The sole reason is because once the influencer promotes a particular place, it reaches thousands, lakhs or even more people. If the place is bad, the influencer’s reputation will be at stake.


Of course, a Blogger can be an influencer. Writing about famous eateries and favourite dishes is somehow influencing a customer/avid readers to go to that particular restaurant or try that particular dish.


If you’re sole purpose is to EARN MONEY, forget about BLOGGING at the first place. If you love writing/typing and want to learn, make your niche and earning money is not your sole objective, go ahead and sign up (WordPress/Blogpost) and start writing.

Disclaimer: Before shooting questions on how to start a blog and all of that, please go through GOOGLE as it will provide you with loads of information in the first place. Still have any unanswered questions, feel free to ask at the community.


I would not specifically name but there are few influencers/bloggers who don’t believe in sharing and want all the honey by themselves. All I would say is ideas when shared multiplies to more ideas and in turn helps to tackle the problem in a much efficient way. So, feel free and share what you feel.

Also, Knowledge Grows When Shared.

Cheers and happy eating everyone! Signing off!!

Source: Google.