You must be wondering what is Bangkok Bazaar? Well, if you are not aware about this show, it is a popular lifestyle and food exhibition which happens frequently round the year. Bangkok Bazaar happened this time at quite a large scale. Chic and Vibrant Decor, Happy faces, Smiling Customers and the Positive Vibe was all in all crux of the show.

This show was curated this time by Neha Khemka and Pooja Agarwal, who are the Co-Owners of the show.  

I visited the show on 14th March, 2018 and as soon as i hit the entrance, the decor mesmerised my eyes. I was awestruck for sometime.

Thereafter, i took some steps inside. (Entrance)

As soon as you cross by the entrance, on the left hand side, you see this eye catchy decor. Fabulous to look at! 😌

I took some more steps and went inside the A/c section. Over 55 lifestyle stalls was what i witnessed!

Thereafter,  I straight away went to what i am good at. Munching Desserts and Eating some food. #nomnomnom.

I tried this Mango Pudding which was by ‘The Sweet Story’ – Radhika Sureka. There are other chocolates and cute cupcakes also which one can look forward to.

Thereafter, i went to another shop called the Chocotaaz. There, i had the Rose Pistachio Bar and Strawberry Sultry. The Rose Pistachio Bar was quite unique and tasted nice. The rose flavour was evident in the bar. The Strawberry Sultry was more like a small chocolate which one can pop in the mouth and keep moving forward. It was nice, flavourful and juicy.

After having some sweets, i went on trying the Veg version of Khow Suey from K- Wok and the Lebanese Roll with Mojito by Foodie Craze.

The Veg Khowsuey was just okay. I felt the ingredients were lacking quite a bit.

The Lebanese Roll was great and the Mojito was good to taste.

All in all, this was my food experience at the Bangkok Bazaar. 😀

As aforesaid mentioned, there were many lifestyle stalls. Some of the pictures have been attached as under:-

Bangkok Bazaar happens many times in the year and if you’re looking to be a part of it, you can directly contact Neha Khemka.