Aliah Restaurant & Banquet

Aliah Restaurant & Banquet – Park Circus (99 Rupees Biriyani only on dine in till 22 December 2018)

Location: This Aliah Restaurant and Banquet is located in Park Circus Area. To be more precise, it is very near to the 7 point crossing.


Aliah is a brand name now and i have been their patron since quite some years now. Their main outlet is the one in Bentinck Street and it is always crowded. They even have started a proper fine dine restaurant on the first floor.

I was invited here by Jude Martin and Resto – G to try out their 99 Rupees Biriyani.

This park circus outlet is being operated by the owner’s son who is quite a courteous person. The ambiance of the place is quite good and is like a fine dine in itself. There were six chicken varieties to it each of which costs Rs. 99 and is valid only on ‘dine in’ from ’07th December 2018 to 22nd December 2018′. The 99 Rupees offer is there as they complete their 90 years in the F & B Industry. Grab the offer before it ends.

What i had:

All the biriyani’s here are chef’s curation when doing R & D with taste. It is in no way totally authentic to the regions.

• Afghani Chicken Biriyani – I loved the Afghani Chicken Biriyani. The dry fruits and the tinge of sweetness is mouth watering. Dont miss on this one. #recommended

• Murgh Reshmi Tikka Biriyani – It was biriyani with one piece reshmi kebab and one piece tikka kebab. One can go for this one as well.

• Hyderabadi Biriyani – The hyderabadi biriyani was just okay. I did not really enjoy it much as it was infused with Kurry patta and south indian flavours.

• Kacchi Biriyani – The Kacchi Biriyani was lipsmacking good. It was great to taste and was just perfectly spiced. #highlyrecommended

• Murgh Tikka Biriyani – The tikka biriyani came with two pieces of tikka in the biriyani. Good to taste.

• Kolkata Biriyani – The Kolkata Biriyani hands down from here is my favorite till now when it comes to Mughlai Biriyani in the city of joy . Their aloo is always cooked to perfection and chicken is well marinated.


• Excellent Taste.
• Great hospitality.
• Great Quality.
• Value for money.

• No Proper Parking available here.

Current Price for two: 200-600 approximate. (Prices are subject to change due to macroeconomic factors such as inflation, etc)


Aliah is a place which is quite close to my heart and they deserve the love. <3 Hog the Rs. 99 Biriyani and do comment below to share your experience.

1) Unbiased view based on my eating experience.
2) I was invited by Jude Martin, Resto – G and the Management to try their food.