Afra Tafri – A great experience!

Afra Tafri – Mango Festival!

Location & Intro:

Afra Tafri is the place to be. It is the new buzz in town and is located in posh Camac Street Area. Head from Monkey Bar/Urban Desi towards Haldirams and on the first floor, you see it right there.

Afra Tafri is a HUGE place with rustic decor, beer brewery’s with modern and chic lighting, Dj console on the main area with fancy lights giving a mesmerising look to it’s ambiance. Though, there is a “lot lot” more to the ambiance. I had been invited here to Blogger’s meet and to try out various food items. There are three sections. One is the non smoking area whereby the usual customers can sit for a drink or to relish great food. One area is the smoking zone whereby people can smoke up some sheesha or cigarette as they like. One more section is basically meant for group parties. We were a group of 8 to 10 people who had been invited here to try out the food items. Oh yes, they have specific days for unplugged nights too. Go there and relish the experience.

What i tried:

I along with other foodies were served a large variety of cocktails. Each of the cocktails were unique and great. The presentation of it was different from usual. I liked it.

After sipping up the cocktails, we took up some food.

Japanese Gochujang Skewers with Wasabee mayo – Nicely presented. Excellent to taste. Succulent and marinated well. Liked it. 

Mochar E Ulfat – The mochar were fine. Tasted good. The vegetarians can go for it for sure.

Rockstar Sriracha Shrimp – I just tasted it and it seemed fine to me too. It was well sauted in the sauce. I am not a shrimp person.

Tandoori Chicken Bao – I tried Bao before at one of the food joints but did not like it. This is not the usual bao. This one is a bao which is stufed with Tandoori Chicken. On the outside, it is quite succulent as the bao is and inside is the lovely marination of tandoori chicken which definitely impressed your palate. Loved on this one. 

Buffalo Chicken Strips – It was excellent, flavourful and lipsmacking. Do try it out next time when you go to Afra Tafri. 

Mango Hummus – I found it to be nice. However, the mango was taking away the flavour of the hummus in the first place. Suggestion has already been given to the management to work on it.

Calzone Pockets – The calzone pockets were excellent. Stuffed properly and served piping hot in our plates.

Raw Mango Chicken Tikka with Mango Salsa – This was superb. I have had different variants of chicken kebab’s but not something like this. 

Green Thai Chicken Curry wth Sticky Rice – It was excellent. Go by my words on this one. Try it without fail. The rice was perfectly boiled and the green curry was tasting excellent. The flavour of lemon grass and coconut milk was surely taking my palate to heaven. 

We were served array of desserts. They were mango sandesh, mango pudding, mango kulfi, mango cheese cake and mango monte carlo. As it was mango festival going on, this had ought to happen. Oh yes, even Opera!! Sorry for the dessert picture quality. I was too busy to hog in rather than to open my dslr. 

Also, the unplugged nights lifted up our mood quite much!

Before the bloggers meet, i have also dined in here as a normal customer thrice and this place has not failed to impress me. The SHEESHA is always nice and smooth whenever i have been there because i usually either go for gum supari or something with Paan. Usually, these flavours would never give you trouble.


○ Excellent ambiance.

○ Located in the posh location.

○ Prices are not very elevated. (again its quite subjective) With such ambiance, food quality and service, it seemed fine to me.

○ Great food quality.

○ Amazing cocktails. Though i am not a cocktail person, they present it very nicely and have been great with the concoctions.

○ Quite spacious.

○ One can dine with friends as well as family. They have a  separate smoking section.

Special thanks:

○ Anusreea and Swarnava Mukherjee for inviting me over.

○ Rajiiv Nathany and Sandeep Goenka for extending hospitality. 

Meal for two: It would be around 500-1000 approximate. Prices are subject to change due to macroeconomic factors such as inflation, etc. (The approximate price does not include alcohol or sheesha) 


I really had a great time here. I would love to come back soon again.  


I was invited by the management of Afra Tafri and views expressed here are solely my own.

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